89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Tuesday PM

UPC5CC-Port Royal D,E

Physical Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Patricia Laws
Chair(s) - Patricia Laws

18:40 01465 <poster> Spontaneous Pattern Formation of Spatially and Temporally Incoherent White Light in a Photochemical Medium Burgess I.B., Shimmell W.E., Saravanamuttu K.
18:40 01516 <poster> The Effects of an Inert Gas on the Pyrolysis of Acetylene Duval A.
18:40 01519 <poster> The Temperature Dependence of Infrared Optical Properties of Liquid Benzene Keefe C.D., Gillis E.A.L.
18:40 01477 <poster> Theoretical Studies of Novel Free Radicals from Reactions of H Isotopes with Molecules Containing C=P and P=O in Comparison to Molecules Containing C=C and C=O Lauzon J.M., Muir C.E., Ghandi K.
18:40 01492 <poster> The Effect of Organic Solvents on the Structure of Thermolysin as Studied by FT-IR Spectroscopy MacDonald J.L., Keefe C.D.
18:40 01491 <poster> The Mechanism of DNA Glycosidic Bond Cleavage Millen A.L., Hunter K.C., Wetmore S.D.
18:40 01514 <poster> Formation and Reactivity of Radical Cations of Aromatic Amino Acids Mineau P.C., Sutherland K., Orlova G.
18:40 01487 <poster> Spectroscopic Investigations of Micelles, Reverse Micelles and Microemulsion Systems Moore S.A., Palepu R.
18:40 01481 <poster> The Kinetics of Detoxification of Ecotoxic Substances in Micellar Media Moore S.E., Palepu R.
18:40 01518 <poster> Astrochemistry on Earth: Finding Analytical Rate Expressions for Reactions Occurring under Cryogenic Conditions Poirier M.G.
18:40 01501 <poster> Theoretical Study of Radical-Cationic Aliphatic Amino Acids and their Cu(II) Complexes Sutherland K., MIneau P.C., Orlova G.
18:40 01482 <poster> Kinetic Study of the Formation of Carbon Nanotubes from the Pyrolysis of Acetylene Trottier A.M., Pacey P.D.
18:40 01493 <poster> A Thermodynamic Investigation of the Reaction of Bromine Atoms with Ethers Wheeler M.J., Roscoe J.M.

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