89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Tuesday PM

UPC3CC-Port Royal D,E

Inorganic Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Patricia Laws
Chair(s) - Patricia Laws

16:40 01484 <poster> Synthesis and Characterization of Ru(II) Complexes with Multichiral Sites Conrad E.D., Aquino M.A.S., Cameron T.S., Robertson K.N.
16:40 01505 <poster> Reactivity Consequences of Steric Reduction in CpCr(b-diketiminato) Chemistry Conway J.L., Smith K.M.
16:40 00355 <poster> Tunable Electronic Behavior of Pd, Ru and Alloy Nanoparticles Cook S.C., Zhang J.R., Zhang P.
16:40 01455 <poster> Facile Oxidation of Gold Monolayer-Protected Clusters in Ambient Conditions Dasog M.G., Scott R.W.J.
16:40 01502 <poster> Chiral Gold Nanoparticles and Core-Shell Metallodielectric Architectures for Self-Assembled Nanocomposites Hanthorn J.J., Kitaev V.
16:40 01472 <poster> Investigation into the Properties of the 4-(2'-Cyanofuryl-5')-1,2,3,5-dithiadiazolyl Radical as a Spin Bearing Ligand for Coordination to Paramagnetic Metal Centers Hesp K.D., Preuss K.E.
16:40 01517 <poster> The Synthesis of Ammonium Thiolates and their Lead(II) Complexes Hughes N.E., Briand G.G.
16:40 01471 <poster> Novel Boron Containing 1,3,4-Thiadiazoles Kyle C.B., Vogels C.M., Wheaton S.L., Decken A., Baerlocher F.J., Westcott S.A.
16:40 01528 <poster> Synthesis and Characterization of Heteroleptic Bicyclic Indium(III) Tris-thiolate Complexes MacDonald D.B.S., Briand G.G., Shatte G.
16:40 01524 <poster> Reactivity Investigations of a New Class of Cp*Ru Complexes with Silanes MacLean D.F., Rankin M.A., Stradiotto M.
16:40 01520 <poster> New Phosphonium Cations Synthesized via Formal Insertions of Phosphenium Ions Mallov I., Dyker C.A., Burford N.
16:40 01478 <poster> Redox versus Metathesis Routes to the Preparation of Bicyclic Indium(III) Aminothiolates Martin C.D., Briand G.G., Schatte G.
16:40 01526 <poster> Steric Effects on Intermolecular Bonding in Dimethylthallium(III) Alkoxides Briand G.G., McKelvey J.I., Decken A.
16:40 00340 <poster> Ag and Alloy Nanoparticles with Tailored Structure by Control of Particle Size, Surface Chemistry and Metal Composition: Synthesis and XAFS Studies Padmos J.D., Zhang P.
16:40 01495 <poster> Shape Selective Transformation of Gold Nanoparticle Morphology and the Synthesis of Au/TiO2 Nanocomposite Materials Banks J.T., Richard L.A.
16:40 00449 <poster> Conversion of Phosphonium Borates to Phosphine Boranes: A Kinetic Study San Juan R.R., Stephan D. W., Welch G.C.
16:40 01507 <poster> Synthetic Routes to Aryl Substituted b-Diketiminato Cr(II) and Cr(III) Complexes Smith J.J., Smith K.M.
16:40 01473 <poster> Schiff Base Palladium Complexes as Catalysts for Green Cross-Coupling Reactions Tardiff B.J., Smith J.C., Decken A., Duffy S.J., Westcott S.A.

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