89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Tuesday PM

UPC1CC-Port Royal D,E

Analytical Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Patricia Laws
Chair(s) - Patricia Laws

16:40 01506 <poster> Development of a Procedure for Making Large Single Crystal Electrodes for Spectroelectrochemical Experiments Birnie-Lefcovitch S., Zamlynny V.
16:40 01521 <poster> Metal Bioavailability and Metal Concentrations in Compost from Biosolids Boudreau J., Surette C., Filion M., Allain C.
16:40 01503 <poster> A Comprehensive Computational Approach to Predict the Full Vibrational Spectrum of an Adsorbed Molecule at a Particular Orientation Brolo A., Cooper M.
16:40 01489 <poster> Characterization of Disinfection By-Products Resulting from the Chlorination of Natural Organic Matter Dawe M.R., Mugo S.M., Bottaro C.S.
16:40 01512 <poster> The Development of a Nanovolume Cytochrome P450 Inhibition Assay Using a Sol-Gel-Derived Microarray Green J.R.A., Brennan J.D.
16:40 01496 <poster> Differentiation Between the Isomeric Structures of C2H3N+ by Complexation with CO: Applications to Atmospheric Chemistry Mayer P.M.M., Hall S.A.
16:40 01497 <poster> Optimization of Electrochemical IRRAS Techniques Using Fresnel Equations Jackson S.M.R., Zamlynny V.
16:40 01483 <poster> Synthesis of Polythionates and Analysis of Thiosalts by Capillary Electrophoresis Using a Specialized Zero Flow Capillary Kirby A.E., Bottaro C.S.
16:40 01449 <poster> Marine Snail, Ilyanassa obsoleta, Behavioural Response to Contaminants Marklevitz S., Hellou J.
16:40 01515 <poster> Development and Application of Spectroscopic Techniques for the Characterization of Barrier Films Read S.T., Zamlynny V.
16:40 01527 <poster> An FTIR Study of Adsorption onto Kaolin Ronaldson M., Smith-Palmer T., Pink J., Sandt C., Pink D.
16:40 01480 <poster> A Photoaffinity Labeling Study of Nitrobenzylthioinosine to Various Amino Acids Simms G.A., Doucette A.A.
16:40 01490 <poster> Developing Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) Techniques for the Analysis of Tetracyclines in Wastewater Worfolk B., Toito J., Balakrishnan V.K.

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