89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Sunday AM

PT12DH-Baronet 6


Organizer(s) - Josef Zwanziger
Chair(s) - Dale Keefe

08:00 01157 The Role of Water in Intermolecular Proton Transfer Reactions Siwick B.J., Bakker H.J.
08:20 00162 Enol Formation from Simple Aldehydes and Ketones by Charge-Transfer Ionization/Neutralization in Low-Temperature Matrices West B.J., Robinson M.M., Thompson M.G.K., Parnis J.M.
08:40 00508 Chiral Resolution in Two-Dimensional Racemic Systems Paci I., Ratner M.A., Szleifer I.
09:00 01276 Chiral Stability in Solution: Effects of Decoherence and Intermolecular Interactions Han H., Wardlaw D.
09:20 00336 Prediction of Fibrinogen Adsorption for the Library of Biodegradable Polyarylates: Combined Computational Modeling Approach Gubskaya A., Knight D., Kohn J. WITHDRAWN
10:00 00234 Sacrificial Hydrogenation of Ethene Involving Neutral First-Row Transition Metal Atoms Thompson M.G.K., Parnis J.M.
10:20 01028 Chemical Force Microscopy of Alkyl Monolayer Derivatized Silicon (111) Surfaces Goel V., Mengistu T.Z., Morin S., Horton J.H.
10:40 00627 Application of DFT Methods to the Thermochemistry of Organic Reactions: Advisable? Viswanathan B., Brittain D.R.B., Izgorodina E.I., Coote* M.L.
11:00 00619 Infrared and Raman Spectra of Asphaltenes and Model Compounds Schmidt K.J., Michaelian K.H., Shaw J.M., Lastovka V.

Tuesday AM

PT12DH-Baronet 6


Organizer(s) - Josef Zwanziger
Chair(s) - Josef Zwanziger

08:00 00470 Nonlinear Dynamics in the Electrochemical Oxidation of 1,4-Hydroquinone Harati M., Wang J.
08:20 00227 Computational Study of the Deamination Reaction of Cytosine with H2O and OH- Almatarneh M., Flinn C., Poirier R.A.
08:40 00460 The Mechanical Properties of Single-Crystal and Ultrananocrystalline Diamond: A Theoretical Study Paci J.T., Belytschko T., Schatz G.C.
09:00 00721 The Influence of SO42- and S2O32- on the Optical Luminescence of Tb3+ in Aqueous Solution Jurgensen A., Heigl F., Sham T.K.
09:20 00499 Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Applied to Electrogenerated Cobalt Oxide Films Gallant D., Pézolet M., Simard S.
10:00 01242 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Solid Paramagnetic Metal Acetylacetonates Sidhu P.S., Aguiar P.M., Kroeker S.
10:20 01103 Experimental and ab initio Dipole Moment Derivatives of Benzene in the Liquid and Gas Phases Keefe C.D.
10:40 00712 Novel Interface of Laser and Muon Spin Spectroscopy: Applications in Studies of Radiation Chemistry, Free Radical Reaction Dynamics and Green Chemistry Ghandi K.
11:00 00290 Molecular Dynamic Studies of Heterogeneous Crystal Growth of sI Methane-Hydrate Vatamanu J., Kusalik P.G.

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