89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Monday PM

PT3CC-Highland 7

Biophysical Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Gonzalo Cosa and Paul Wiseman
Chair(s) - Gonzalo Cosa

13:20 00836 Deconstructing the Cell-Biomaterial Interface: Lessons and Challenges in Vascular Tissue Engineering and Targeted Delivery Wong‡ J.Y.
14:00 00658 Fluorescent Labelling of Specific Proteins in Living Cells Keillor‡ J.W., Campos-Reales N.B., Guy J., Girouard S., Michnick S.W.
14:40 01181 Quantifying Protein Expression Levels in an Unregulated System McMillen D.R., Mazumder M., Movva A., Lim L.H.
15:40 00767 Biomolecular Recognition Dynamics O'Neill‡ M.A.
16:20 01195 Development of New Fluorescent Strategies to Study Supramolecular Interactions in Lipid Membranes Cosa G.
16:40 01175 Configurational Transitions Induced by Mechanical External Stretching of Polymer Chains Arteca G.A.

Tuesday PM


Biophysical Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Gonzalo Cosa and Paul Wiseman
Chair(s) - Hung-Wen Li

13:40 00738 Adhesion of Hyaluronan Functionalized AFM Tips at Calcium Oxalate Crystal Surfaces Grandbois‡ M.
14:20 00660 Protein Mechanics and Engineering at the Single Molecule Level Li‡ H.
15:20 00696 Single-Molecule Study of E. coli Homologous Recombinational Repair Enzymes Li‡ H.-W.
16:00 00216 Single-Molecule and Ensemble Characterization of Calcium-Ion Sensor Dyes Paige‡ M.F., Bagh S.

Wednesday AM

PT3CC-Highland 11

Biophysical Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Gonzalo Cosa and Paul Wiseman
Chair(s) - Paul Wiseman

08:00 01460 Measurement of Fast Dynamics in the Cell Interior Gratton‡ E.
08:40 01314 Understanding Interactions of Volatile Anesthetics with Model Membranes Swift J.L., Carnini A., Burger M., Harrison J., Shamrakov L.G., Leonenko Z., Cramb‡ D.T., Nguyen T.
09:20 00458 A Guide to Accurate Colocalization Measurements Comeau J.W.D., Costantino S., Wiseman P.W.
10:00 00786 Interaction of the Pro-Apoptotic Protein Bax with Lipid Membranes Satsoura D., Campbell C., Leber B., Andrews D., Fradin‡ C.
10:40 00034 Reduced Binding Affinity for Fluorescently Labeled Biomolecules Examined Using Two-Photon Excitation Fluorescence Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy Swift J.L, Cramb D.T
11:00 01232 S-Nitrosation of Biologically Important Thiols and Dithiols Chretien M.N., Roy J.-F., English A.M.
11:20 00530 Molecular Dynamics of the Alzheimer's Beta-Amyloid Peptide in Solution Llano J., Bachar M., Roy S., Brunelle P., Rauk A.

Wednesday PM

PT3CC-Highland 11

Biophysical Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Gonzalo Cosa and Paul Wiseman
Chair(s) - Antonella Badia

13:00 00152 Designing Photo-Controlled Peptides and Proteins Woolley‡ A.
13:40 00586 Exploring the Possibilities for Solution NMR in the Study of Membrane Protein Structure Goto‡ N.K., Shih S., Stoica I.
14:20 00576 Functional Imaging and Mapping of Membrane Dynamics and Structures Yip‡ C.M.
15:20 00556 Ceramide Modulation of Raft Domains in Supported Membranes Johnston‡ L.J., Ira
16:00 00429 Investigation of Main Phase Transitions in Supported Phospholipid Bilayers Badia‡ A., Goren M.
16:40 00267 Raman Spectroscopic Study of the Interaction of Lactoferricin B Derivatives with Model Cell Membranes Westwick H., Nowacka L., Quan B., Ianoul A.

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