89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Monday PM

IN7DH-Baronet 6


Organizer(s) - Neil Burford
Chair(s) - Mark Stradiotto

13:40 01277 Synthesis, Thermolysis, and Film Deposition of Hafnium and Zirconium Precursors Wasslen Y.A.M., Kenney A.P., Wang Z., Barry S.T.
14:00 00171 Group 4 Amidate Complexes with M=E Multiple Bonds: Applications in Catalytic Olefin Hydroamination and Small Molecule Activation Thomson R.K., Schafer L.L.
14:20 00396 Rh(I) and Ir(I) Derivatives of a P(S),N-Substituted Indene Ligand: Synthetic and Structural Studies and the Application in Catalytic Alkene Hydrosilylation Wechsler D., Myers A., Stradiotto M.
14:40 00613 Synthesis and Characterization of Chiral N,N-Chelating Oxazolidine Ligands and their Platinum and Palladium Complexes Cardile S.A., Jennings M.C., Jones N.D.
15:20 00769 Thiol Modified Mesoporous Silica as a Ligand for a Leach Free Palladium Catalyst for Suzuki-Miyaura and Sonogashira Coupling McEleney K., Finnamore D., Mutyala S., MacQuarrie S.L., Blanc A.C., Crudden C.M.
15:40 00794 Analogues of Titanocene Dichloride as Potential Anti-Tumour Agents Potter G.D., Baird M.C., Chan M., Cole S.P.C
16:00 01017 Remarkably Stable Base-Free Thorium(IV) Dialkyl Complexes by Alkane Elimination: A Novel Route into Organoactinide Chemistry Cruz C.A., Emslie D.J.H.
16:20 00861 Diimine Ligands Continued: Synthesis and Characterization of c-Diimine Ligands and their use in the Formation of Late Transition Metal Complexes Foley S.R., Chitanda J.M., Quail J.W.
16:40 00208 Synthesis and Reactivities of some New Pincer Complexes of Nickel Castonguay A., Zargarian* D., Beauchamp* A.L.

Tuesday AM

IN7CC-Highland 7


Organizer(s) - Neil Burford
Chair(s) - Glen Briand

08:00 01235 New Synthetically Useful Indium(I) Reagents: Syntheses and Reactivities Andrews C.G., Cooper B.F.T., Corrente A.M., Macdonald C.L.B.
08:20 01106 Silver-Cyclic Dimethylsiloxane Complexes: Ag+ Cation Catalyzed Ring Transformation Wang X., Decken A., LeBlanc F., Passmore* J.
08:40 01296 Living Anionic Polymerization of P=C Bonds Noonan K.J.T., Gates D.P.
09:00 01073 Synthesis, Thermolysis and Deposition of Volatile Group 13 Precursors Kenney A.P., Wang Z.H., Brazeau A.L., Barry* S.T.
09:20 00181 New Developments in Fundamental Phosphorus Chemistry: Linear catena-Polyphosphorus Cations Dyker C.A., Buford N., Decken A., Lumsden M.
10:00 01117 Transition Metal Complexes of Cyclopentadienylidene Ylides Brownie J.H., Baird M.C.
10:20 01199 En route to the Construction of Non-Disjoint Thiazyl Based Biradicals Originating from Quinones Mailman A., Passmore J.
10:40 00500 Identification and Isolation of Intermediates in the Lewis Acid Induced Ring Expansion of Cyclodipnictazanes to the Corresponding Cyclotripnictazanes Burford N., Landry J.C.
11:00 01080 An Anionic Six-Membered N-Heterocyclic Carbene with an Inorganic Backbone Krahulic K.E., Forster T.D.K., Roesler R., Parvez M., McDonald R.

Wednesday AM

IN7DH-Baronet 6


Organizer(s) - Neil Burford
Chair(s) - Pierre Kennepohl

08:00 00620 Preparation and Properties of Open Framework Solids from Metal Organophosphonate and Organosulfonate Building Blocks Shimizu G.K., Mahmoudkhani A.H., Taylor J.
08:20 00571 Magnetic and Optical Birefringence Properties of Cyanoaurate-Based Coordination Polymers Leznoff D.B.
08:40 00494 Solution and Solid-State Structures of Mixed nBuLi/ NCN "Pincer" Li Aggregates: Unusual Binding Modes in Organolithium Chemistry Chase P.A., Lutz M., Spek A.L., van Klink G.P.M., van Koten G.
09:00 01335 Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Thiazyl Radical Dimers. Relationship of a Magnitude of Singlet-Triplet Gap and a Degree of Diradical Character Decken A., Kowalczyk R.M., McInnes E.J. L., Passmore J., Shuvaev K.V., Thompson L.T.
09:20 01074 Reactivity Studies of Thermally Stable, Terminal and Doubly Bridging Electrophilic Aminophosphinidene (PNR2) Complexes Graham T.W., Udachin K.A., Carty A.J.
10:00 00691 The Coordination Chemistry of 2-(2'-Anilinyl)-4,4-dimethyl-2-oxazoline Gossage R.A.
10:20 00903 Catalytically Relevant Ion-Molecule Chemistry McIndoe J.S., Henderson M., Kwok S.
10:40 00416 Toward Understanding the Chemistry of Biologically Relevant Bismuth-Thiolate Complexes Burford N., Phillips H.A.
11:00 00990 The Structure of Lead Glutathione Complexes in Aqueous Solution Mah V. W., Jalilehvand F.
11:20 01233 Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Re and 99mTc-Metallocarborane Complexes: A New Strategy for the Preparation of Serotonin-Targeted Molecular Imaging Agents Louie A.S., Green A., Causey P., Armstrong A., Valliant J.F.

Wednesday PM

IN7DH-Baronet 6


Organizer(s) - Neil Burford
Chair(s) - Neil Burford

13:00 00387 Electronic Structure of Ruthenium Olefin Metathesis Catalysts - Experimental and Theoretical Considerations Kennepohl P.
13:20 01315 Characterization and Catalytic Studies of a Novel Ruthenium bis IMes Complex Blacquiere J.M., Dharmasena U.L., Foucault H.M., Fogg D.E.
13:40 00509 Copper(I) Complexes with Exceptionally Long Excited State Lifetimes McCormick T.M., Liu Q.-D., Jia W.-L., Wang S.
14:00 00997 Synthesis and Characterization of Complexes of the Type RuHX(diamine)(PPh3)2 and their Use as Catalysts Clapham S.E., Guo R., Zimmer-De Iuliis M., Rasool N., Lough A., Morris R.H.
14:20 00075 Synthesis of s-trans-Chromium Dienes and g3-Allyl Chromium-Tin Complexes Norman D.W., Stryker J.M.
14:40 00831 Development of a Homogeneous Rhodium Oxidation Catalyst Praetorius J.M., Allen D.P., Webb J.D., Crudden C.M.
15:20 00920 Studies in Optimizing the Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction Mitchell E.A., Baird M.C.
15:40 01205 Ruthenium Metathesis Catalysts Containing Catecholate Ligands: Activity versus Ligand pKa Monfette S., Fogg D.E.
16:00 00560 Transition Metal Trialkyls: Lewis-Acidity, Catalytic Activity, and Synthetic Approaches Towards Novel Topologies Fekl U., Hofmann A., Ren R., Hsieh V., De Crisci A.

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