89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Sunday PM

ENPCC-Port Royal D,E


Organizer(s) - John Murimboh
Chair(s) - John Murimboh

17:00 00261 <poster> Partitioning and Bioavailability of Pesticides Leading to Behavioural Effects in Invertebrates Leonard J., Dunphy K., Tremblay L., Hellou J.
17:00 01236 <poster> Investigation of the Interaction of Diazinon, an Organophosphorus Insecticide, with a-, b- and c-Cyclodextrin (CD) Using NMR and Computational Studies Churchill D.C., Smith V.H., Cheung J.C.F., Park Y.S., Buncel E.
17:00 00618 <poster> Spatial Distribution of Total and Methyl Mercury in Pore Water and Sediment in the Small Lakes in Ontario He T., Lu J., Yang F., Feng X.
17:00 00315 <poster> The Study of Toxic Metals and Effluents in Wastewater Sharma M., Bhardwaj R.K.
17:00 00378 <poster> Synchrotron Radiation Analysis of Human Teeth Martin R.R., Naftel S.J., Nelson A.J., Gerson A., Flemming R.
17:00 00666 <poster> Artificial Self-Sealing Hydrothermal System in Alkalic Rock Complexes as the Basis for the Nuclear Waste Burial Technology Gnidash N., Gnidash M.
17:00 00011 <poster> Pesticide Fate and Transport Models for Crop and Watershed Protection Gamble D.S., Prasher S.O., Langford C.H.
17:00 00236 <poster> Removal of the Enzymatically Generated Polymeric Products of Dinitrotoluene via Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Alum Patapas J.C., Taylor K.E., Biswas N., Bewtra J.K.
17:00 00520 <poster> New Marine Species of Shewanella from Halifax Harbor that Remove a Wide Range of Chemical Pollutants Zhao J.S., Manno D., Hawari J.
17:00 00523 <poster> Estrogenic Compounds in Halifax Harbour: Analytical Methods of Detection and Environmental Fate Studies Robinson B., Hellou J.
17:00 00563 <poster> Enzymatic Treatment of Phenolic Compounds with the Aid of a Hydrophilic Synthetic Polymer, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Steevensz A., Taylor K.E., Biswas N., Bewtra J.K.
17:00 00671 <poster> Fate of Estrogenic Compounds in the Mud Snail Parsons A., Campbell K., Hellou J.
17:00 01204 <poster> Investigation of Methyl Benzoate as a Potential Biomarker of Mold in Building Materials in Determining Indoor Air Quality Parkinson D.-R., Rolls W., Wady L., Pawliszyn J.
17:00 01320 <poster> Microbial Contributions to Natural Organic Matter Composition and Preservation Tremblay L., Benner R.
17:00 00659 <poster> Development of a Technique for the Measurement of the Stable Carbon Isotope Ratios of Isoprene, Methacrolein, and Methyl Vinyl Ketone from Ambient Air Samples Iannone R., Koppmann R., Rudolph J.
17:00 00843 <poster> Laboratory Studies of Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Secondary POM Irei S., Huang L., Collin F., Zhang W., Hastie D., Rudolph J.
17:00 01159 <poster> How to Quantify Gases in Air with an Open-Path FTIR Bussieres D.
17:00 00339 <poster> Kinetic, Product and Mechanism Studies of the Transformations of HgII to Hg0 by Dicarboxylic Acids Si L., Ariya P.A.
17:00 01165 <poster> Kinetic, Product, and Theoretical Studies of the Gas-Phase Reactions of Toluene and Benzene with Chlorine Atoms Ryzhkov A.B., Niki H., Harris G.W., Raofie F., Ariya P.A.

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