89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Monday AM

EN4CC-Highland 9

Environmental Risk Assessment

Organizer(s) - Ken Reimer and Chris Ollson
Chair(s) - Chris Ollson

08:20 01283 New Approaches for Environmental Risk Assessment Reimer‡ K.J., Koch I., Ollson C.A.
09:00 00676 Using in vitro Gastrointestinal Methods to Measure Contaminant Bioaccessibility and Risk from Soil Ingestion Basta‡ N.T.
10:00 01451 Use of Biomarkers in Understanding Environmental Exposure Ollson‡ C.A., Knopper L.D., Sandau C.D.
10:40 01229 Assessing Personal Exposures to Metals in Airborne Particulate Matter: Challenges and Solutions Rasmussen‡ P.E., Wheeler A.J., Hassan N., Filiatreault A., Lanouette M.

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