89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Sunday PM

CE8CC-Mariner 3


Organizer(s) - Pippa Lock
Chair(s) - Leslie Barton

15:20 00466 Science Education for the Science Phobic - Targetting Elementary School Teachers MacKinnon C.D., Gottardo C., Hill M.-L.
15:40 00564 The "Annual Chemistry Workshops for Teachers": An Efficient Way of Bringing New Ideas into High School Classrooms Gauvin F.
16:00 00221 The National High School Chemistry Examination Revisited Barton L.

Wednesday AM

CE8CC-Mariner 3


Organizer(s) - Pippa Lock
Chair(s) - Pippa Lock

08:40 01369 An Organic Perspective on Teaching Carbohydrate Metabolism Johnson A.E.
09:00 00088 Don't Be Afraid to Say "Yes" - You Can Make a Difference Bates‡ G.S.
11:00 00699 Experiments with Concept Questions and a Low-Tech Classroom Response System Austen M.A.
11:20 00616 First Year - Then and Now - 40 Years On Peach M.E.

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