89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Tuesday AM

CE4CC-Mariner 3

Teaching Environmental and Green Chemistry (Joint with EN) (joint with EN6)

Organizer(s) - Colin Baird
Chair(s) - Colin Baird

08:20 00119 "Greening-Up" Organic Reactivity in the Undergraduate Laboratory: Aqueous Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons, Suzuki and Heck Reactions Dicks A.P.
08:40 00356 Solid-State Reactions in Undergraduate Organic Chemistry: Applying the Principles of Green Chemistry Abhyankar S.
09:00 00967 Greening the Chemistry Lecture Curriculum Cann‡ M.C.
10:00 00043 On the Use of Green Metrics in the Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Practicum to Assess Material Efficiencies of Organic Reactions Andraos J., Sayed M.
10:20 00431 Sustainability: Its Place in an Academic Curriculum vanLoon‡ G.W.
11:00 00161 Teaching Environmental Chemistry. Are Case Studies the Way to Go? Baird C.

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