89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Tuesday PM

BMPCC-Port Royal D,E


Organizer(s) - Stephen Bearne
Chair(s) - Stephen Bearne

16:40 01278 <poster> Effects of Myristoylation on the Structure and Stability of the b-Trefoil Protein Hisactophilin Meissner J., Gaspar J.A., Smith M., Meiering E.M.
16:40 00359 <poster> Investigations of Purine-Based Nucleoside Bioprobes McLaughlin C.K., Manderville R.A.
16:40 00405 <poster> Electronic Properties of Covalently Adducted Purine Nucleosides Sun K.M., McLaughlin C.K., Manderville R.A.
16:40 00546 <poster> Synthesis of Bicyclic Cytosine Analogues Wojciechowski F., Wallman A.P., Hudson R.H.E.
16:40 00547 <poster> 5-Modified Pyrimidines in PNA Wojciechowski F., Hudson R.H.E.
16:40 00544 <poster> A Convenient Method for the Preparation of Tetra(dipeptide) Derivatives of Cyclen Wojciechowski F., Hudson R.H.E.
16:40 00589 <poster> Fluorniated Olefinic Peptide Nucleic Acids Hollenstein M., Leumann C.J.
16:40 00593 <poster> Synthesis and Conformational Analysis of 2'-Fluoro-5-methyl-4'-thioarabinouridine (4'S-FMAU) and Biological Properties of the Corresponding Oligonucleotides Watts J.K., Sadalapure K., Choubdar N., Pinto* B.M., Damha* M.J.
16:40 00996 <poster> Synthesis and Characterization of 3'-Thio-2',3'-Dideoxyribonucleotides Isaac S.R., Damha* M.J.
16:40 01063 <poster> Synthesis of Fluorescent 5-Alkynyl-2'-deoxyuridines and 2'-Deoxypyrrolocytidines Ghorbani Choghamarani A., Hudson R.H.E.
16:40 01110 <poster> Bleomycin: A Potent Small Molecule that Affects Hepatitis C Virus Replication Rakic B., Brulotte M., Pezacki J.P.
16:40 01128 <poster> Covalent Schiff Base Catalysis by a DNAzyme AP-Lyase May J.P., Perrin D.M.
16:40 01215 <poster> Self Assembly of Adenine and Cyanuric Acid Oligonucleotides into Complex Architectures Palmer A.L., Sleiman H.F.
16:40 01261 <poster> DNA Base Functionalization: Synthesis, Self-Assembly and Luminescence of Guanosine Derivatives Martic S., Liu X.Y., Wang S.
16:40 01319 <poster> Luminescent Pt(II) Probes of Aptamer Structure Hodgson D.J., Dawson B., Fox-Lee R., DeRosa M.C.
16:40 01254 <poster> An ab initio Study of 5-(1-Triazenyl)imidazole, a Simple Structural Analogue of the Antineoplastic Agent Dacarbazine Pye C.C., Doucet K.G., Vaughan K., Glister J.F.
16:40 00479 <poster> Synthesis of Allosteric Peptide Mimic Antagonists of the Prostaglandin F2a Receptor Bourguet C.B., Thouin E., Polyak F., Lubell W.D.
16:40 00730 <poster> Identification of Two Potent Intermediate Analogue Inhibitors of Mandelate Racemase Bourque J.R., Bearne S.L.
16:40 00887 <poster> Discovery of the First Inhibitors of the Cooperative Binding of Human Papillomavirus Type 11 E1 and E2 Proteins Thavonekham B., Yoakim C., White P., Ogilvie W.W., Goudreau N., McGibbon G.A., O'Meara J.A., Naud J., Doyon L., Cordingley M.G., Archambault J.
16:40 00939 <poster> Synthesis and in-vitro Cytostatic Activity of Cyclic Curcumin Analogues Nichols C., Harris R., Youssef D., Jha* A., De Clercq E.
16:40 01066 <poster> un-24 Incompatibility in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: A Novel Chemotherapeutic Peptide? Smith R.P, Arzhangi Z., Wellman K., Smith M.L.
16:40 01194 <poster> Design, Synthesis and in-vitro Anti-Cancer Properties of Amino Acid Conjugates of 3,5-Bisarylmethylene-4-piperidone Maleamic Acids Youssef D., Nichols C., Jha* A., De Clercq E.
16:40 01212 <poster> Design and Synthesis of Water-Soluble Analogues of Antineoplastic 3,5-Diarylidene-4-piperidone Derivatives Paul N.K., Jha* A.
16:40 01244 <poster> Novel Aminobenzothiazole Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitors. Applications in the Treatment of Central Nervous System Disorders Patman J., Garcin-Hosfield E., Renton P., Bhardwaj N., Ramnauth. J., Maddaford S., Rakhit S., Andrews J.S.
16:40 01298 <poster> Novel Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase (nNOS) Inhibitors in Models of Chronic Pain Patman J., Renton P., Rakhit S., Ramnauth J., Tappia P.S., Aroutiounova N., Vanderah T., Guo W., Porreca F., Maddaford S., Andrews J.S.
16:40 01401 <poster> Effect of Huperzine A on Multiple Enzymatic Activities of Butyrylcholinesterase: Implications on the Treatment of Dementias Darvesh S., Walsh R., Martin E.
16:40 00277 <poster> The Mechanism of Brønsted Acid Enhanced Decarboxylation of Thiamin-Derived Intermediates Ikeda G., Kluger R.
16:40 00313 <poster> Probing Reaction Specificity in Pyridoxal Phosphate Enzymes Farsi A., Aitken S.M.
16:40 00314 <poster> Asymmetric Mutagenesis of R67 Dihydrofolate Reductase to Explore the Molecular Basis of Antibiotic Resistance Morley K.L., Schmitzer A.R., Volpato J., Pelletier J.N.
16:40 00330 <poster> Probing the Homocysteine-Binding Site of Cystathionine b-Synthase Lodha P., Aitken S.M.
16:40 00438 <poster> QM Modeling of the Mechanism of Deamination by Adenosine Deaminase Moussatova A., Ziegler T.
16:40 00608 <poster> Cyclization Mechanism of Stilbene Synthase Jiang C., Suh D.-Y.
16:40 00807 <poster> An Insight Into bb-Enolase Deficiency: Functional Importance of Amino Acid 376 Zhao S.P., Kornblatt M.J.
16:40 00973 <poster> Yeast Model of Human bb-Enolase Deficiency Disease: Characterization of G157D Yeast Enolase Choy B.S.F., Kornblatt M.J.
16:40 00975 <poster> Two Novel Single Enzyme Molecule Assays For E. Coli b-Galactosidase Craig D.B., Gavina J.M.A., Nichols E.R.
16:40 01120 <poster> GTP-Dependent Activation and Inhibition of E. coli CTP Synthase Lunn F.A., Bearne S.L.
16:40 01167 <poster> Explorations of Metal Ion Binding in the Clinically Important Metallo Beta Lactamase IMP-1 Siemann S., Gardonio D., Heynen M., Viswanatha T., Dmitrienko G.I.
16:40 00654 <poster> Design of Photo-Switchable SH3 Domain Proteins Zhang F., Lee E., Zarrine-Afsar A., Davidson A.R., Woolley A.
16:40 00936 <poster> Designer Reagents: Rational Design of Better Cyclopentanone Monooxygenase (CPMO) Clouthier C.M., Kayser M.M., Reetz M.T.
16:40 01295 <poster> Replacement of the Natural Cofactors by Selected Hydrogen Peroxide Donors for CYP3A4 and CYP2D6 Catalysis in Aqueous and Organic Solvents Zhao J., Chefson A., Auclair K.
16:40 01354 <poster> siRNA Suppressor Proteins as Chemical Biology Tools Pezacki J.P., Sagan S.M., Koukiekolo R., Goto N.K.
16:40 01419 <poster> A Blue-Green Absorbing Cross-Linker for Rapid Photo-Switching of Peptide Helix Content Chi L., Sadovski O., Woolley A.
16:40 00001 <poster> Synthesis and Biological Activity of 17b-Estradiol-PEG-Pt(II) Hybrid Compounds Designed for the Treatment of Estrogen Dependent "Female" Cancers Provencher-Mandeville J., Bélanger G., Parent S., Asselin E., Bérubé G.
16:40 00013 <poster> Chemotherapy Without Toxic Side Effects! Descôteaux C., Bélanger G., Van Themsche C., Parent S., Asselin E., Bérubé G.
16:40 00025 <poster> Synthesis with Improved Yield and Study on Analgesic Effect of 2-Methoxyphencyclidine Ahmadi A., Kassiri M., Fathollahi Y.
16:40 00498 <poster> Substituted Terpyridyl Palladium(II) Complexes as Possible Chemotherapeutic Agents: Substitution Kinetics and in vitro Cell Line Screening Corcoran A.M., Haines R.I.
16:40 00876 <poster> Preliminary Crystallographic Studies of the Drosophila Toll Receptor Activator Spätzle Yang J., Su Y., Ip T.
16:40 00953 <poster> Preliminary SAR Study on Antineoplastic Chalcones Dumas L., Billot X., Bailly S., Gagnon G., St-Denis B., Naranjo S., Steenaart N.A.E., Beauparlant P., Attardo G.
16:40 01270 <poster> Simple 4'-Hydroxy-1,1'-biphenyl Derivatives with Potent in vitro Anticancer Activity Branchaud S., Bélec L., Dumas L., Fortin S., Lavallée J.-F., Rioux E., Bailly S., Chang H., Gagnon G., Jang A., Naranjo S., Roulston A., Serfass L., St.-Denis N.S.B., Attardo G.
16:40 01426 <poster> Preliminary Study on the Insulinomimetic Activity of Kaempferitrin Isolated from a Taiwan Endemic Plant Cinnamomum osmopheloeum Chen K., Lee M.J., Rao Y.K., Tzeng Y.M.

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