89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Wednesday PM

BM10DH-Baronet 1,2,3


Organizer(s) - Stephen Bearne
Chair(s) - Stephen Bearne

13:00 01220 Bi-Aromatic Compounds that Modulate Folding and Self-Assembly of the Alzheimer Peptide, b-Amyloid Carter M.D., Weaver D.F
13:20 00989 Chemistry and Biology of Avrainvillamide and Stephacidin B Wulff J.E., Myers A.G.
13:40 00127 Rhodotorula glutinis Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase: GC-MS Determination of Reversal Reaction Product, Storage Stabilization, Induction, and Inhibition D'Cunha G.B., Wall M.J.
14:00 01035 Application of Lipoxygenase to Degrade Wood Extractives in Thermomechanical Pulp Zhang X., Nguyen D., Paice M., Tsang A., Renaud S.
14:20 01260 A Collaborative Health Research Project: Characterization of Rat Scar Tissue by Synchrotron FTIR and Conventional Immunohistochemistry Wiens R.A., Rak M., Abraham S., Cox N., Schultke E., Juurlink B.H.J., Kulyk W., Gough K.M.
14:40 00287 Starting a New Company: Business Plan, Road Show Presentation and Funding Challenges for the Founding Scientist Skinner J.D.

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