89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Sunday AM

BM9CC-Mariner 5

Peptide Science (Joint with OR) (joint with OR9)

Organizer(s) - William Lubell
Chair(s) - Robert Ben

09:00 00329 Synthesis of Pharmacophoric Hydroxypyrroloindolinyl-Xaa Dipeptides en route to Amatoxins and Phallotoxins May J.P., Perrin‡ D.M.
10:00 00513 Design and Synthesis of Novel b-Peptides as Entry Inhibitors of Hepatitis C Virus Kaur‡ K., Beleid R.
10:20 00203 Cholesterol and the Interaction of Proteins with Membrane Domains Epand‡ R.M.
10:40 00765 Structural Analysis of the GD2 Ganglioside and GD2-Ganglioside Binding Peptides Blankenship J.W., Lubell W.D., Gagnon M., Tong W., Saragovi H.U., Cheung N.-K.V.
11:00 00128 Versatile Fluorescence-Based Characterization and Selection of Genetically Encoded Peptides that Fold Efficiently in Live Cells Cheng Z., Campbell‡ R.E.

Sunday PM

BM9CC-Highland 10

Peptide Science (Joint with OR) (joint with OR9)

Organizer(s) - William Lubell
Chair(s) - David Perrin

13:40 00123 Self-Assembly of Non-Cyclic Bis-D- and L-tripeptides into Higher Order Tubular Constructs - Design, Synthesis and X-ray Crystal Superstructure Hanessian‡ S., Fettis K., Maris T., Vinci V., Phan Viet M.T.
14:20 00776 Searching for a Common Link: Applications of the "Promiscuous Drug Concept" to Alzheimer's Disease Meier-Stephenson V.C., Weaver D.F
14:40 00269 Genomic Prospecting of the Oceans for Therapeutic Peptides Douglas‡ S.E., Gallant J.G., Patrzykat A.
15:20 00092 Synthesis and Properties of Conformationally-Constrained Glycopeptides Schweizer‡ F., Owens N., Zhang K.
15:40 00386 C-Linked Antifreeze Glycoprotein Analogues as Potent Inhibitors of Recrystallization Liu S., Ben‡ R.N.

Monday AM

BM9CC-Highland 10

Peptide Science (Joint with OR) (joint with OR9)

Organizer(s) - William Lubell
Chair(s) - William Lubell

08:00 01463 Exploiting Diversity in Chemistry and Biology Space with Integrated Combinatorial Technologies St. Hilaire‡ P.M.
08:40 01429 The Ring of Truth: Do Cyclic Peptides Really Possess an Entropic Advantage when Binding Proteins? Udugamasooriya G., Spaller‡ M.R.
09:00 01293 Structural Relationships between the Peptidic Antimicrotubule Agents Taltobulin and the Dolastatins Zask‡ A., Kaplan J., Loganzo F., Ayral-Kaloustian S.
09:20 01100 Synthesis and Conformational Analysis of a Pro-Aib Hydroxyethylene Dipeptide Isostere Lama T., Seaman S., Genest N., Lubell W.D.
10:00 00739 Synthesis of the Bicyclic Amatoxins and Phallotoxins via Hydroxypyrroloindole Containing Linear Peptides May J.P., Perrin D.M.
10:20 00549 Multivalent and Stereoregular Oligopeptide Polymers to Probe Fertilinb Function in Fertilization Sampson‡ N.S., Lee Y., Lee J., Baessler K., Parker K.A.

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