89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Tuesday PM

BM7CC-Mariner 4

Natural Products (Joint with OR) (joint with OR5)

Organizer(s) - Paul Harrison
Chair(s) - Paul Harrison

13:40 00178 Biosynthesis of Lovastatin, a Fungal Polyketide and Cholesterol-Lowering Agent Vederas‡ J.C.
14:20 00217 Isolation and Characterization of Novel Jadomycin B Analogues Borissow C.N., Syvitski R.T., Graham C.L., Jakeman D.L.
14:40 00855 Lotifolian: A New Glutathione S-Transferase Inhibiting Triterpenoid from Nauclea latifolia Udenigwe C.C., Ata A., Eze M.O., Uzoegwu P.N.
15:20 00810 Development of Biosynthetic Production Methods of Bioactive Marine Terpenes Kerr‡ R.G.
16:00 01317 Stereochemical Control in Antibiotic Polyketide Biosynthetic Enzymes Leadlay‡ P.F.

Wednesday PM

BM7CC-Mariner 4

Natural Products (Joint with OR) (joint with OR5)

Organizer(s) - Paul Harrison
Chair(s) - John Vederas

13:40 00250 A Concise Total Synthesis of Bullatacin Pagenkopf‡ B.L.
14:20 00476 First Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Allosecurinine Wanner K.T., Gebauer P.
14:40 00140 Formal Enantioselective Synthesis of (+)-Compactin Robichaud J., Tremblay F.
15:20 01118 An Efficient Synthesis of the Diazobenzo[a]fluorene Ring System of the Antitumour Antibiotic Isoprekinamycin Liu W., Buck M., Shang M., Taylor N.J., Dmitrienko G.I.
15:40 00298 Total Synthesis of Phenanthroindolizidine and Phenanthroquinolizidine Alkaloids via Platinum-Catalysed Cycloisomerization Kennedy J.W.J., Fürstner A.
16:00 00422 Studies Directed Towards the Synthesis of Reiswigin A: Total Synthesis of epi-Reiswigin A and (-)-Reiswigin A MaGee D.I., Shannon D.E., Setiadji S.
16:20 00452 Phytoalexin Metabolism: Boosting Chemical Defenses in Crucifer Plants Pedras‡ M.S.C., Jha M., Okeola O.G., Hossain M., Suchy M., Gadagi R.

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