89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Tuesday PM

BM4CC-Highland 7

Enzyme Inhibitors and Drug Design

Organizer(s) - Zheng Huang and David Percival
Chair(s) - David Percival

14:00 00941 Nucleic Acid Metabolism in Staphylococcus aureus: From Target Identification to Isolation and Characterization of Enzyme Inhibitors McKay‡ G.A.
14:40 00762 Strategies for Discovery of Broad Spectrum Inhibitors for Class B (metallo) and Class D (serine) b-Lactamases Johnson J., Evanoff D.P., Heynen M., Goodfellow V., Ramadhar T., Viswanatha T., Taylor N.J., Dmitrienko G.I.
15:20 01375 Metal-Based Inhibitors of the Cathepsin Cysteine Proteases Fricker‡ S.P., Mosi R., Baird I.R., Zhu Y., Cameron B.R., Skerlj R.T.
16:00 00165 Use of Enzyme Probes to Define Cellular Selectivity: Application to the Design of Selective Inhibitors of Cathepsin K Black‡ W.C., Bayly C.I., Cromlish W., Desmarais S., Falgueyret J.P., Gauthier J.Y., Lamontagne S., Li C.S., Mellon C., McGrath M., Leger S., Percival M.D.

Wednesday AM

BM4CC-Highland 7

Enzyme Inhibitors and Drug Design

Organizer(s) - Zheng Huang and David Percival
Chair(s) - Zheng Huang

08:00 00019 Applications of Glycosidase Inhibitors from Proteomics to Genetic Diseases Withers‡ S.G., Hekmat O., Rempel B., Reid S., Numao S., Zhang R., Tarling C., Tropak M., Mahuran D., MacDonald J.
08:40 01008 Synthesis of Inhibitors against Aminoglycoside 6'-N-Acetyltransferases (AAC(6')s), an Important Family of Enzymes Causing Antibiotic Resistance Gao F., Auclair K.
09:00 00045 Back to my Roots: Drug Candidates Based on an Herbal Remedy for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. Pinto‡ B.M.
10:00 00083 Quinone-Methide Generating Suicide Inhibitors and Reversible Boronic Acid Inhibitors of Steroid Sulfatase Taylor‡ S.D.
10:40 00318 Acyclic Triaryl (Z)-Olefins: Dual Inhibitors of Cyclooxygenases and Lipoxygenases Knaus E., Moreau A., Praveen Rao P.N.
11:00 00133 Discovery and Characterization of Novel Indole-Based Non-Nucleoside Allosteric Inhibitors oOf HCV NS5B Polymerase Gillard J.
11:20 00808 Specifically Targeting the RNase H Activity of HIV-1 RT with Short RNA Hairpins Wahba A.S., Marchand B., Götte M., Damha M.J.

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