89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Tuesday PM

BM1CC-Highland 8

Advances in Nucleic Acid Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Dipankar Sen and Yingfu Li
Chair(s) - Yingfu Li

13:40 00240 Understanding RNA Folding Mechanisms Using the Candida Group I Ribozyme as a Model Zhang‡ Y., Xiao M., Zhang L., Jiang Y.-F., Li Z.
14:00 00833 RNA Conformational Dynamics in Riboswitch Function O'Neill‡ M.A.
14:20 00051 A Man-Made Riboswitch Improving Nucleic Acid Enzymes for Functional Genomics Perreault‡ J.P., Brière F.P., Lévesques D., Landry P.
14:40 00464 A General RNA-Capping Ribozyme Retains Stereochemistry during Cap Formation Zaher H.S., Watkins R.A., Unrau‡ P.J.
15:20 01403 The Flexizyme System and its Applications to Ribosomal Synthesis of Nonnatural Biopolymers Suga‡ H.
16:00 00046 RNA-Cleaving Deoxyribozymes with Fluorescence-Signaling Capabilities Li Y., Chiuman W., Shen Y., Kandadai S.A., Brennan J.D.
16:20 00349 Is there a Quantitative and Qualitative Advantage of Using Modified dNTPs for in vitro Selection? Perrin‡ D.M., Ting R., Thomas J.M., Lam C.H., May J.P., Hollenstein M.

Wednesday AM

BM1CC-Highland 8

Advances in Nucleic Acid Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Dipankar Sen and Yingfu Li
Chair(s) - Peter Unrau

08:00 00061 DNA: Not Merely the Secret of Life Seeman‡ N.C.
08:40 01038 Nanopatterning Materials Using DNA Sleiman‡ H.F., Aldaye F.
09:00 00362 DNA Polymerization on Gold Nanoparticles via Rolling Circle Amplification: Towards Novel Scaffolds for Three-Dimensional Periodical Nanoassembly Zhao W., Gao Y., Kandadai S.A., Brook M.A., Li Y.
09:20 00195 Applications of M-DNA in Nanoelectronics Lee‡ J.S., Dinsmore M.J., Wettig S.D.
10:00 00550 Site-Specific Incorporation of Reporter Groups for Spectroscopic Studies of Nucleic Acids Sigurdsson‡ S.Th.
10:40 00473 Charge Conduction through Helices as a Structure-Probing Method for DNA and RNA Sen D., Leung E.K., Bergeron L.J.
11:00 00410 Structural Basis for Branch Nucleotide Recognition in the Mammalian Spliceosome MacMillan‡ A.M.
11:20 00177 RNA Recognition by the Vts1p SAM Domain Johnson‡ P.E.

Wednesday PM

BM1CC-Highland 8

Advances in Nucleic Acid Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Dipankar Sen and Yingfu Li
Chair(s) - Chris Wilds

13:00 00131 Fluorescent and Colorimetric DNAzyme and Aptamer Biosensors for a Broad Range of Analytes Lu‡ Y., Liu J.
13:40 00071 Entrapment of Fluorescent Signaling DNA Aptamers in Sol-Gel Derived Silica for the Development of Solid-Phase Enzyme Assays Rupcich N.R., Nutiu R., Li Y., Brennan‡ J.D.
14:00 00434 DNA Bulge Recognition and DNA Slippage: Lessons Learned from Nature Xi‡ Z.
14:20 00612 Nucleobase Discriminating Fluorophores Hudson‡ R.H.E.
14:40 00902 In Vivo Tracking of RNA via Functional Group Labeling Noestheden M., Hu Q., Evans C., Pezacki J.P.
15:20 00081 Efficient and Persistent Gene Silencing by Arabinonucleic Acids Damha‡ M.J.
16:00 00791 Synthesis and Investigation in Interstrand Cross-Linked DNA Wilds‡ C.J., Noronha A.M., Booth J.D., Palus E.
16:20 00535 Aminopyridine Peptide Nucleic Acids for Molecular Recognition of Quadruplex DNA Linkletter B.A., Gill M.A., McInnis M., Breining B.
16:40 00736 Inhibition of Ribozymes and DNA Enzymes by DNA Intercalators Hollenstein M., Perrin D.M.

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