89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Monday AM

AN10DH-Baronet 6

Quality Assurance and Metrology in Analytical Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Amares Chatt
Chair(s) - Zhifang Chai, Elisabete De Nadai Fernandes

08:00 01414 Analytical Chemistry. Chemical Metrology. What's the Difference? McLaren‡ J.W.
08:40 00692 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Liquid Chromatography-Chemiluminescence Nitrogen Detection for the Preparation of Biotoxin Reference Materials Quilliam‡ M.A., Walter J.A., Wechsler D., Fraser H., Chen Y.
09:00 01107 Validation of Analytical Methods in a Regulatory Laboratory Accredited under ISO/IEC-17025 MacNeil J.D., Boison J.O.K., Dickson L.C., Fedeniuk R., Martz V.K.
09:20 01395 Determination of As(III) and As(V) in Drinking Water by Solid Phase Extraction and Neutron Activation Menendez Sanchez W., Zwicker B., Chatt A.
10:00 01343 An Overview of INAA's Contribution to Metrology in Chemical Measurements Bode‡ P.
10:40 00893 Neutron Activation Analysis in the Certification of Reference Materials and in Multidisciplinary Research Kucera‡ J.
11:20 01392 Estimation of Expanded Uncertainties of Various Types of Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis Method for Total Arsenic in Shell Fish Acharya R., Chatt‡ A.

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