89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Sunday AM

AN9CC-Highland 10

Nuclear Techniques in Counter-Terrorism

Organizer(s) - Amares Chatt
Chair(s) - Amares Chatt, Peter Bode

08:00 01376 R&D to Address Current and Future Radiological Terrorist Threats Cousins‡ T.
08:40 01373 Canada's Chemical, Biological and Radiological-Nuclear (CBRN) Research and Technology Initiative Sykes‡ E.A.
09:00 01366 Establishing Canada's Nucelar Forensic Capability Larsson‡ C.L.
09:20 00414 Radiological and Nuclear Counterterrorism Research at Defence R&D Canada Erhardt‡ L.S.
10:00 00372 Nuclear, Chemical, and Physical Characterization of Nuclear Materials Tandon‡ L.
10:20 01154 Radiological and Nuclear Counter-Terrorism R&D in Health Canada Li‡ C., Korpach E., Larivière D., Li W., Packer A.P., Parent P., Pellerin E., Quayle D.E., Ungar K., Moir D., Cornett J.
10:40 01104 Faster and Better: Mass Spectrometric Determination of Long-Lived Actinides in Case of a Radiological/Nuclear Event Larivière D., Packer A.P., Kiser S., Li C., Cornett J.
11:00 00800 Synchrotron Applications in Nuclear Forensics Kotzer‡ T.G., Cutler J.N.

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