89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Sunday PM

AN8DH-Baronet 6

Nuclear Analytical Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Amares Chatt
Chair(s) - Jan Kucera, Chunsheng Li

13:40 01377 A New Nuclear Method for Synthesis of Novel Fullerene Dimers: Reactor Neutron Irradiation Chen Z., Zhao Y., Chai‡ Z.
14:00 01345 Chemical Speciation by Perturbed Angular Correlation Spectroscopy Bode‡ P.
14:20 01390 Develoment of Extraction Methods for Organohalogens from Marine Animals Kiceniuk‡ J.W., Bottaro C.S., Indrasena M.W., Chatt A.
14:40 01033 Determination of Trace Elements in Arabica Coffee Using Small and Large Sample INAA De Nadai Fernandes‡ E.A., Tagliaferro F.S., Bode P., Bacchi M.A.
15:20 00908 A Comparison Between Portable and Laboratory Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Systems Bennett L.G.I., Kelly‡ D.G., Mattson K.M., Nielsen K.S.
15:40 00430 Multi-Element Analysis of Korean and Japanese Oyster Tissues from Selected Areas by Neutron Activation Analysis Fukushima‡ M., Chatt A., Nakano Y.
16:00 01380 Iodine, Bromine, and Strontium Content of some Staple Foodstuffs from Southern Ghana Using EINAA and Compton Suppression Gamma Ray Spectrometry Nyarko B.J.B., Akaho E.H.K., Fletcher J.J., Chatt A.
16:20 01378 Cloud Point Extraction for Preconcentration of Antimony and Vanadium Prior to Neutron Activation Analysis of Environmental Samples Serfor-Armah Y., Carboo D., Akuamoah R.K., Chatt A.
16:40 00591 Determination of Uranium, Lanthanum and Arsenic in Human Nail by Neutron Activation Analysis Laoharojanaphand‡ S., Kongsakphaisal A., Kongsri S.

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