89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Sunday AM

AN6CC-Highland 6

Fate and Effects of Organic Chemicals in the Environment (Joint with EN) (joint with EN5)

Organizer(s) - Jocelyne Hellou
Chair(s) - Jocelyne Hellou, Robert White

08:00 01214 PFOS and PFCAs in Polar Bears and Humans: An Indirect Source of Contamination? Mabury S.A.
08:20 00153 Transfer of POPs from Environmental Compartments to Animal Products Feidt‡ C.F., Rychen G.
08:40 00447 Persistent Organic Contaminants in Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua): Spatial and Temporal Trends Lebeuf‡ M., Couillard C.M.
09:00 01020 Identifying the Causes of Fish Kills in Prince Edward Island (Fate and the Effects of Pesticides in the Environment) Cook‡ A., Losier C., Doe K., Jackman P., Julien G., Ernest W.R.
09:20 00980 Association between the PAH Body Burden and Behavior of Amphipods Exposed to Harbor Sediments Hellou J., Leonard J., Cheeseman K., Johnston D., Robertson S., Robinson B., Jouvenelle M.L., Mackay D.
10:00 00656 Application of New Analytical Technologies to Toxin Monitoring at Shellfish Aquaculture Sites Quilliam‡ M.A., Garnett C., Yu R., Rafuse C., Lewis N.I., Selwood A.
10:20 01257 Impacts of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products on Aquatic Environments of the Atlantic Provinces Surette‡ C., Comeau F., Brun G., Losier R.
10:40 00881 Transformation and Fate of PAH and NitroPAH in Urban and Rural Areas McCarry‡ B.E., Yang R., Fernando S.L., Dam D.
11:00 00409 Methylobacteria from Environmental Cleanup to Biodegradable Polymers Yezza A., Fournier D., Hawari J.

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