89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Wednesday AM

AN4CC-Highland 6

Chemical Sensors

Organizer(s) - Stephen Brown
Chair(s) - Stephen Brown

08:40 00256 Waveguide Cavities for Absorption and Refractive Index Measurements Loock‡ H.-P., Barnes J., Zhang J., Trefiak N.
09:20 00764 Theoretical Considerations in the use of Long-Period Gratings as Chemical Sensors Hochreiner H., Cada M., Wentzell P.D.
10:00 00358 Towards a Synthetic Electrochemical Cognitive System Thompson‡ M., Sadeghi S.
10:40 01341 Derivatization of Acrylate Patterned Poly(dimethylsiloxane) with Isopropyl Amine McLachlan J.M., Patrito N., Francis J., Norton P.R., Petersen N.O.
11:00 01222 Towards a Silicon Based Label Free Electrical Biosensor Mischki T.K., Koukiekolo R., Lopinski G.P., Pezacki J.P., Wayner D.D.M.
11:20 00797 Fiber-Optic Sensor for Contaminants in Ground Water Zhang J., Brown R.S., Loock H.-P., Crudden C.M.

Wednesday PM

AN4CC-Highland 6

Chemical Sensors

Organizer(s) - Stephen Brown
Chair(s) - Hans-Peter Loock

13:00 00312 Optical Transduction of DNA Hybridization by Conjugated Polymers Leclerc‡ M.
13:40 00962 Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine in the Presence of Excess Ascorbic Acid Using Defective Acidic SAMs Shepherd J.L., Rucareanu S., Lee L.Y.S., Lennox R.B.
14:00 00390 Water-Soluble Glycodendrimer-Coated Gold Nanoparticles as Sensors for Lectins and Fimbriated Bacteria Bogdan N., Bozoukova M., Roy R., Morin M.
14:20 00592 Combining Chemical Sensing and Molecular Logic for Medical Diagnostics: A 'Lab-on-a-Molecule' Prototype Magri D.C., de Silva A.P.
14:40 00821 Characterization and Optimization of a Fiber-Optic Sensor for Detection of Enzymes and Bacteria Han X., Brown R.S.
15:20 00155 Towards Integration of Pathogen Sampling and Microfluidics-Based Biosensing Krull‡ U.J., Liu X., Chan A.
16:00 00875 A Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) 'Switch' Strategy for Development of a Biosensor for Detection of Nucleic Acid Hybridization at an Interface Massey M., Krull* U.J.
16:20 00985 A New Technology for Simple, Rapid Detection of E. coli and Total Coliform Bacteria in Water Brown‡ R.S., Marcotte E.J.-P., Gilmour C., Dunkinson C., Aston W.P., Gallant P.

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