89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Sunday PM

AN1CC-Highland 6

Analytical Chemistry in Biology and Medicine

Organizer(s) - Peter Wentzell and John Walter
Chair(s) - Hélène Perreault

13:40 00640 Analysis of Phycotoxins in Hand-Picked Plankton Cells by Micro-Column Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Quilliam‡ M.A., Aasen J.A., Hardstaff W.R., Lewis N.I.
14:00 00332 Mass Spectrometry Profiling of Erythrocytes as a Tool for Clinical Study of Pt-Drug Chemotherapies Li X.-F., Mandal R.
14:20 01203 Three Dimensional Analysis of the Solid Debris from Human Urine Using RPLC, Solution Phase Isoelectric Focusing and 1D Gel Electrophoresis: Are There Urinary Proteins in the Solid Debris of Urine? Mataija D.M., Doucette A.A.
14:40 00770 A Lipidomics Approach to Functional Genomics in Sinorhizobium meliloti McCarry B.E., Saborido L.
15:20 00947 Watching the Cellular Crockpot: An Analytical Approach to Gene Expression Monitoring with DNA Microarrays Wentzell‡ P.D., Karakach T.K., Flight R.M.
15:40 00894 Cell-Based Microarray Testing of Toxicity of Nanomaterials Huang L., Xie L., Li X.-F.
16:00 00481 Quantitative Raman Based Studies of Nanoparticle Labeled Antibody-Antigen Binding Nsiah F., Grant C.F., McDermott M.T.
16:20 00070 Entrapment of Proteins in Silica Materials for the Development of Bioanalysis Tools Brennan‡ J.D.

Monday AM

AN1CC-Highland 6

Analytical Chemistry in Biology and Medicine

Organizer(s) - Peter Wentzell and John Walter
Chair(s) - Michael Sowa

08:00 01417 Biospectroscopy in Medicine: Recent Advances in Measurements from Womb to Tomb Burns‡ D.H.
08:40 01424 Mining the Human Body: Optical Tools for Cancer Diagnosis Jackson‡ M.
09:20 00517 Update on Tissue Autofluorescence and Reflectance for Early Cancer Detection MacAulay‡ C., Zeng H., Follen M., Richards-Kortum R., Rosin M., Lam S., Lane P., Guillaud M.
10:00 00655 Multispectral Imaging Methods for Multilabel Microscopy: The More the Merrier Levenson‡ R.
10:40 01269 Raman Spectroscopy of Early Dental Caries: Unpolarized and Polarized Approaches Choo-Smith‡ L.-P., Ko A.C.-T., Hewko M.D., Dong C.C.S., Cleghorn B., Sowa M.G.
11:00 00293 Scanning Electrochemcial Microscopy: Plant Photosynthesis Affected by Cadmium Zhu R., Macfie S., Ding Z.F.
11:20 00904 Studies of After-Cooking Darkening in Potatoes Using Proteomics Murphy P., Pinto D.M., Wang-Pruski G.

Monday PM

AN1CC-Highland 6

Analytical Chemistry in Biology and Medicine

Organizer(s) - Peter Wentzell and John Walter
Chair(s) - Peter Wentzell

13:00 00607 Discovery, Identification and Validation of Endometrial Cancer Biomarkers Siu‡ K.W.M., DeSouza L.V., Guo J., Dube V., Ghanny S., Romaschin A.D., Grigull J., Colgan T.J.
13:40 01422 Biology for the Masses: Probing the Cytoskeleton with Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange MS Schriemer‡ D.C.
14:00 00069 Bioanalytical Methods in Glycomics Perreault H., Lattova E., Chen V.C., Snovida S.
14:20 01303 Applications of NMR Spectroscopy and Advanced Mass Spectrometry in Environmental Metabolomics Viant‡ M.R.
15:20 01358 Tuning Biomedical NMR Spectroscopy for Natural Products Chemistry and Metabolome Analysis Pauli‡ G.F.
16:00 01185 Quantitative NMR in Biological Applications: Advantages, Limitations and Suggestions Walter J.A., Burton I.W., Quilliam M.A.
16:20 00406 The Determination and Quantification of Metabolites Present in Human Urine Samples Using 13C{1H} NMR Spectroscopy MacInnis G.D., Weljie A.M., Vogel H.J.
16:40 01136 Bacterial Glyco-Metabolomics: NMR and Mass Spectrometry Based Strategies for Characterizing Glycosylation Pathways in C. jejuni McNally D.J., Schoenhofen I., Aubry A., Brisson J.R., Hui J.P.M., Mui K.K., Soo E.C., Logan S.M.

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