89th Canadian Chemistry Conference Abstracts

Monday PM

AN1CC-Highland 6

Analytical Chemistry in Biology and Medicine

Organizer(s) - Peter Wentzell and John Walter
Chair(s) - Peter Wentzell

Maxxam Award Lecture presented by Michael Siu

Introduction of Michael Siu by Ulli Krull

13:00 00510 Discovery, Identification and Validation of Endometrial Cancer Biomarkers Siu‡ K.W.M., DeSouza L.V., Guo J., Dube V., Ghanny S., Romaschin A.D., Grigull J., Colgan T.J.
13:40 00511 Biology for the Masses: Probing the Cytoskeleton with Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange MS Schriemer‡ D.C.
14:00 00512 Bioanalytical Methods in Glycomics Perreault H., Lattova E., Chen V.C., Snovida S.
14:20 00513 Applications of NMR Spectroscopy and Advanced Mass Spectrometry in Environmental Metabolomics Viant‡ M.R.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00514 Tuning Biomedical NMR Spectroscopy for Natural Products Chemistry and Metabolome Analysis Pauli‡ G.F.
16:00 00515 Quantitative NMR in Biological Applications: Advantages, Limitations and Suggestions Walter J.A., Burton I.W., Quilliam M.A.
16:20 00516 The Determination and Quantification of Metabolites Present in Human Urine Samples Using 13C{1H} NMR Spectroscopy MacInnis G.D., Weljie A.M., Vogel H.J.
16:40 00517 Bacterial Glyco-Metabolomics: NMR and Mass Spectrometry Based Strategies for Characterizing Glycosylation Pathways in C. jejuni McNally D.J., Schoenhofen I., Aubry A., Brisson J.R., Hui J.P.M., Mui K.K., Soo E.C., Logan S.M.
17:00 End of Session

AN2CC-Highland 9

Analytical Separations

Organizer(s) - Kevin Thurbide
Chair(s) - Kevin Thurbide, Philip Britz-McKibbin

13:00 Maxxam Award Lecture presented by Michael Siu in CC-Highland 6

13:40 00518 Rapid Assessment of Redox Status in Biofluids via On-line Sample Preconcentration with Chemical Derivatization Capillary Electrophoresis Ptolemy A.S., Al Husseiny M., Britz-McKibbin‡ P.
14:00 00519 Two-Dimensional Solution Electrophoresis as a First Step Alternative to Conventional Two-Dimensional Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis for the Separation of Protein Samples Tran J.C., Doucette A.A.
14:20 00520 Digital Microfluidics for Integrated Analysis of Proteins Wheeler‡ A.R., Moon H., Kim C.-J., Loo J.A., Garrell R.L.
14:40 00521 A Hydrophilic Self-Assembled Surfactant/Polymer Coating for Highly Efficient Protein Separations in Capillary Electrophoresis MacDonald A.M., Lucy C.A.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00522 Fundamental Studies of cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase Unfolding and Refolding Dynamics by Capillary Electrophoresis Gavina J.M.A., Britz-McKibbin P.
15:40 00523 Micro-Separations of Enzyme Reporters to Monitor Cellular Signaling Audet‡ J., Brown R.B., Manceur A.P.
16:00 00524 Development of Coupled Methods to Separate Chitosan Oligosaccharides Produced from both Chemical and Enzymatic Deacetylation Reactions Waldron‡ K.C., Bahtouki A., Boulay C., Tang M.-C., Debs O., Beaudoin M.-E., Pelletier J., Boucher I.
16:20 00525 Characterization of an Amino-Cyclodextrin:Oligonucleotide Complex by Capillary Electrophoresis with Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection Guthrie J.W., Ryu J.-H., Wiebe L.I., Le X.C.
16:40 00526 Integration of Nanoelectrospray Ionization High-Field Asymmetric Waveform Ion mobility Spectrometry with Q-TOF Mass Spectrometry for Identification of Nitrosamines in Water Zhao Y.-Y., Liu X., Li J., Li* X.-F.
17:00 End of Session

AN3DH-Baronet 4,5

Biogeochemistry of Trace Metals in the Environment (Joint with EN) (joint with EN3)

Organizer(s) - Chuni Chakrabarti and John Murimboh
Chair(s) - Stan van den Berg, Jörg Feldmann

13:00 00527 In situ Disociation Kinetics of Trace Metal Complexes in Freshwater Davison‡ W., Warnken K., Lehto N., Zhang H., Galceran J., Puy J.
13:40 00528 The Effect of Soil Dynamics on Uptake of Metals by DGT and Plants Zhang‡ H., Lehto N., Bescoby M., Davison W., Tych W., Paul N.
14:20 00529 Linking Land Use, Climate, and Trace Metal Levels in Waterways Using the Diffusive Gradient in Thin Film (DGT) Technique Brydon‡ J.L., Schreier H., Smith I.M.
14:40 00530 Determination of Methylmercury Concentrations in Sediment Porewaters Using DGT Probes and Hg Speciation Analysis by Hg-Thiourea Complex Ion Chromatography with CVAFS Detection Vermillion B.R., Clarisse O., Shade C.W., Hintelmann H., Hudson R.J.M.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00531 Measurements of Uranium Concentrations in Fresh Waters Using Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films Technique Li‡ W., Zhao J., Li C., Kiser S., Cornett J.
16:00 00532 Study of Uranium Speciation Using DGT Technique Zhao‡ J., Fasfous I.I., Chakrabarti C.L., Li W.
16:20 00533 A Study of the Lability of Metal-Humate Complexes Using Diffusion Gradients in Thin Films Gaabass‡ I., Murimboh J.D.
16:40 End of Session

AN5CC-Highland 11

Electrochemistry at the Edge (Joint with PT) (joint with PT5)

Organizer(s) - Sharon Roscoe and Vlad Zamlynny
Chair(s) - Jacek Lipkowski, David Shoesmith

13:00 00534 Spectroelectrochemical Investigation into the Kinetics of the Direct Electron Transfer to a Multi-Centered Membrane Protein in a Biomimetic Surface Architecture Naumann‡ R.L., Friedrich M.G., Knoll W.
13:40 00535 Live Cells Studied by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Ding‡ Z.F., Zhao X.C., Zhu R.K., Diakowski P.M.
14:00 00536 Electrochemical and PMIRRAS Studies of a Model Biomimetic System at a Au(111) Surface Brosseau‡ C.L., Lipkowski J., Roscoe S.G.
14:20 00537 Application of Alternating Current Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy to Imaging of Live Cells Diakowski P.M., Ding Z.F.
14:40 00538 In situ study of DNA Oxidative Damage by the Anti-Leukemia Drug Glivec Diculescu V.C., Oliveira-Brett A.M.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00539 Dynamic Electrochemical Impedance of Methanol and Formic Acid Oxidation Harrington‡ D.A., Seland F., Tunold R.
15:40 00540 Structure and Proton Dynamics at Polymer/Water Interfaces inside Fuel Cell Membranes Studied by ab-initio Simulations Roudgar A., Narasimachary S.P., Eikerling‡ M.H.
16:00 00541 Pt 3D Eelectrodes for Euel Cells Dodelet‡ J.P., Villers D., Sun S., Serventi A., Désilets S.
16:20 00542 Proton-Exchange Ionic Liquid as Electrolyte for Pseudocapacitance in RuO2 Rochefort‡ D., Pont A.-L., Sebilo S.
16:40 00543 Electrochemical Behaviour of Micro- and Nano-Structured Nickel Materials Jerkiewicz G., Grden M., Alsabet M., Sourty E.
17:00 End of Session

BM6CC-Mariner 1

Modern Advances in Protein Engineering

Organizer(s) - Drew Woolley
Chair(s) - Drew Woolley

13:00 00544 Engineering Allosteric Protein Switches Ostermeier‡ M.
13:40 00545 Directed Evolution of Improved Blue and Cyan Fluorescent Proteins with Tyrosine-Derived Chromophores Ai H.-W., Campbell‡ R.E.
14:20 00546 Teaching Proteins New Tricks: From SH2 Domains to Carbon-Phosphorus Lyase Zechel‡ D.L.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00547 Sequence and Structure Based Rational Engineering of Proteins Steipe‡ B.
16:00 00548 Active-Site Engineering of Enzymes to Tailor Specificity Pelletier‡ J.N.
16:40 00549 Evolving the Specificity of Transglutaminase by a Semi-Rational Approach: A New Tool for Peptide Synthesis Chica R.A., Gillet S.M.F.G., Laroche J., Pelletier J.N., Keillor J.W.
17:00 End of Session

BM8CC-Highland 8

NMR of Biological Molecules (Joint with OR and PT) (joint with PT9)

Organizer(s) - David Jakeman
Chair(s) - David Jakeman

13:00 00550 Solution NMR Studies of the Structure and Dynamics of High Molecular Weight Proteins Kay‡ L.E.
13:40 00551 Isotopic Labeling of Ligands and Drugs for Resolving Membrane Receptor Dynamics and Structure at High Resolution Using Solid State NMR Watts‡ A.
14:20 00552 Solid-State 35/37Cl NMR Spectroscopy of Hydrochloride Salts of Amino Acids Implicated in Chloride Ion Transport Channel Selectivity: New Opportunities at 900 MHz Bryce D.L.., Sward G.D., Adiga S.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00553 3D Magic-Angle Spinning Methods and Applications to Structure Determination of Microcrystalline, Fibrous and Membrane Proteins Rienstra‡ C.M., Franks W.T., Wylie B.W., Zhou D.H., Li Y., Frericks H.L., Kloepper K.D., Berthold D.A.
16:00 00554 Direct NMR Detection of the "Invisible" Alkali Metal Ions Bound to DNA G-Quadruplexes Wu‡ G., Ida R., Wong A.
16:40 End of Session

CE5CC-Mariner 3

Teaching Safety in the New Era of Responsible Care(TM)

Organizer(s) - Margaret-Ann Armour
Chair(s) - Margaret-Ann Armour

13:10 Introductory Remarks
13:20 00555 How to Create a More Effective Lab Safety Program Kaufman‡ J.A.
14:00 00556 Using Action Research to Improve Science Safety in Alberta Schools Bauer‡ A.W.
14:40 00557 Undergraduate Laboratory Safety at Queen's University Mombourquette‡ M.J.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00558 Creating a New Culture of Safety in a Primarily Undergraduate Research University Etkin‡ N.
15:40 00559 Engaging Students in Labs and Lab Safety with the Use of Interactive Multimedia Lock‡ P.E.
16:00 00560 Safety Awareness in Teaching and Research Laboratories: A Graduate Perspective Norman‡ D.W., Armour M.-A.

17:00 End of Session


Atmospheric Chemistry: A Canadian Perspective (Joint with PT) (joint with PT2)

Organizer(s) - John Roscoe
Chair(s) - James Donaldson, Richard Bowles, Robert McLaren

13:20 00561 Organic Aerosols: Cloud Condensation Nuclei and Heterogeneous Oxidation Abbatt‡ J.
14:00 00562 Hygroscopic Properties of Ambient Aerosol Particles Mozurkewich‡ M., Aklilu Y.-A.
14:20 00563 Laboratory and Modeling Studies of Heterogeneous Reactions of PAHs in Urban Environments Donaldson‡ D.J.
14:40 00564 Gaseous Bromine Production from the Heterogeneous Reaction of Hydroxyl Radicals with Aqueous Salt Solutions Frinak E.K., Abbatt J.P.D.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00565 New Developments in Atmospheric Measurements by Remote Sensing Sloan‡ J.J.
16:00 00566 The Use of Carbon Isotope Ratio Measurements for Studies of the Chemistry and Sources of Atmospheric Volatile Organic Compounds Rudolph‡ J.
16:20 00567 Development of a VUV Photoionization - Ion Trap Approach to Real Time Aerosol Mass Spectrometry Campuzano-Jost P., Hanna S., Simpson E., Bertram A., Hepburn J., Blades‡ M.
16:40 00568 The Proinflammatory Potential of Ambient Particle Types Haddrell A.E., Gross S., Bertram A.K., van Eeden S.E., Agnes‡ G.R.
17:00 End of Session

EN3DH-Baronet 4,5

Biogeochemistry of Trace Metals in the Environment (Joint with AN) (joint with AN3)

Organizer(s) - Chuni Chakrabarti and John Murimboh
Chair(s) - Stan van den Berg, Jörg Feldmann

13:00 Joint with Analytical Chemistry Division - See AN3

16:40 End of Session

IN1CC-Mariner 2

Inorganic Solid State Chemistry (Joint with MT) (joint with MT4)

Organizer(s) - Mario Bieringer and Arthur Mar
Chair(s) - Zuo-Guang Ye

13:00 Alcan Award Lecture presented by Neil Burford in CC-Port Royal C2

13:40 00569 Crystal Structure, Vibrational Spectra and Thermal Decomposition of a New Tetramanganese(II) Dipyrophosphate Decahydrate, Mn4(P2O7)2.10H2O Assaaoudi H., Butler I.S., Kozinski J.A.
14:00 00570 Hydrothermal Synthesis of Oxides and Phosphates Whittingham‡ M.S.
14:40 00571 Gas Capture and Release by Conversion Between Open and Closed Pore Structures in a Crystalline Metal Organic Framework Shimizu G.K., Chandler B.D., Enright G.D., Cramb D.T.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00572 Thermoelectric Properties of Transition Metal Tellurides Assoud A., Soheilnia N., Kleinke‡ H.
16:00 00573 Structures and Properties of Highly Anisotropic Ternary Uranium Transition-Metal Antimonides Tougait O., Noël H., Mar A.
16:20 00574 Chemistry of the Giant Magnetocaloric Effect Material Gd5Si2Ge2 and Related Phases Mozharivskyj‡ Y.
17:00 End of Session

IN5CC-Port Royal C2

Recent Advances in Main Group Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Glen Briand
Chair(s) - Sean Barry

Alcan Award Lecture presented by Neil Burford

Introduction of Neil Burford by Tris Chivers

13:00 00575 Homoatomic P-P Coordination Complexes: A New Direction in the Chemistry of Phosphorus Burford‡ N.
13:40 00576 N-Silylphosphoranimine Cations Bearing P-P Coordination Bonds: Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity Huynh K., Lough A.J., Manners I.
14:00 00577 New N-Heterocyclic Pnictogenium Cations Containing a Diamidonaphthalene Framework Spinney H.A., Richeson D.S.
14:20 00578 Ultra High Bandwidth Thiazyl Radical Conductors Leitch A.A., Oakley R.T., Reed R. W., Thompson L.K.
14:40 00579 Synthesis of Se-N Rings via 1,4-Di(tert-butyl)-2,3-diazabutadiene and the Development of Ferrocene Substituted Phosphonium Ionic Liquids Ragogna‡ P.J., Dutton J.L., Breadner D.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00580 New Developments in Low Oxidation State Main Group Chemistry Macdonald‡ C.L.B., Ellis B.D., Norton E.L., Morasset E.V, Corrente A.M., Gueorguieva D.E.
15:40 00581 Sandwich Compounds with Bridging Heavier Group 13 Elements. Trisyl-Based Donor Ligands for Stabilizing Strained Organometallic Species Lund C.L., Schachner J.A., Quail J.W., Müller J.
16:00 00582 m-Terphenyl Carboxylates in Low Coordinate Main Group Complexes Dickie D.A., Clyburne‡ J.A.C.
16:20 00583 Unusual Electrochemistry of [1.1]Ferrocenophanes Containing Heavier Group 13 Elements (M = Al, Ga, In) Schachner J.A., Orlowski G.A., Lund C.L., Quail J.W., Kraatz H.B., Müller J.
16:40 00584 Cyclic Dimethylsiloxanes as Pseudo Crown Ethers: Syntheses and Characterization of Li(Me2SiO)5[Al(OC(CF3)3)4], Li(Me2SiO)6[Al(OC(CF3)3)4] and Li(Me2SiO)6[Al(OC(CF3)2Ph)4] Passmore‡ J., Wang X., Decken A.
17:00 End of Session


Semiconductor and Metal Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Properties and Applications (Joint with MT) (joint with MT8)

Organizer(s) - Matthew Moffitt and Michael Wolf
Chair(s) - Michael Wolf

13:00 Alcan Award Lecture presented by Neil Burford in CC-Port Royal C2

13:40 00585 Synthesis and Surface Functionalization of Metal-Oxide and Semiconductor Nanoparticles Veinot‡ J.G.C.
14:20 00586 Synthesis and Characterization of Colloidal CuInS2 Particles for Solar Cell Technology Courtel F., Imbeault R., Hammami A., Morin M., Paynter R.W., Marsan B.
14:40 00587 Functionalized Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles as Pathogen Capture Probes Kell A.J., Simard B., Stewart G., Peytavi R., Huletsky A., Boissinot M., Bergeron M.G.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00588 Towards Device-Integrated Multi-Functional Magnetic Nanoparticles Cameron N.S., Ledrogoff B., Roberge H., Normandin F., Veres T.
15:40 00589 Watching Glass Grow with Nanoplasmonics Andrews M.P., Glasspoole B., Maron E.
16:00 00590 Thiolate-Capped PbS Nanocrystals in Water: Sensitivity to O2, pH and Concentration, an Alternate Pathway for Crystal Growth and a Top-Down Synthesis Cornacchio A.L.P., Jones N.D.
Keith Laidler Award Lecture presented by Gregory Scholes

Introduction of Gregory Scholes by David Cramb

16:20 00591 Photophysics of Nanoscale Materials: The Question of Shape Scholes‡ G.D.
17:00 End of Session

IN7DH-Baronet 6


Organizer(s) - Neil Burford
Chair(s) - Mark Stradiotto

13:00 Alcan Award Lecture presented by Neil Burford in CC-Port Royal C2

13:40 00592 Synthesis, Thermolysis, and Film Deposition of Hafnium and Zirconium Precursors Wasslen Y.A.M., Kenney A.P., Wang Z., Barry S.T.
14:00 00593 Group 4 Amidate Complexes with M=E Multiple Bonds: Applications in Catalytic Olefin Hydroamination and Small Molecule Activation Thomson R.K., Schafer L.L.
14:20 00594 Rh(I) and Ir(I) Derivatives of a P(S),N-Substituted Indene Ligand: Synthetic and Structural Studies and the Application in Catalytic Alkene Hydrosilylation Wechsler D., Myers A., Stradiotto M.
14:40 00595 Synthesis and Characterization of Chiral N,N-Chelating Oxazolidine Ligands and their Platinum and Palladium Complexes Cardile S.A., Jennings M.C., Jones N.D.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00596 Thiol Modified Mesoporous Silica as a Ligand for a Leach Free Palladium Catalyst for Suzuki-Miyaura and Sonogashira Coupling McEleney K., Finnamore D., Mutyala S., MacQuarrie S.L., Blanc A.C., Crudden C.M.
15:40 00597 Analogues of Titanocene Dichloride as Potential Anti-Tumour Agents Potter G.D., Baird M.C., Chan M., Cole S.P.C
16:00 00598 Remarkably Stable Base-Free Thorium(IV) Dialkyl Complexes by Alkane Elimination: A Novel Route into Organoactinide Chemistry Cruz C.A., Emslie D.J.H.
16:20 00599 Diimine Ligands Continued: Synthesis and Characterization of c-Diimine Ligands and their use in the Formation of Late Transition Metal Complexes Foley S.R., Chitanda J.M., Quail J.W.
16:40 00600 Synthesis and Reactivities of some New Pincer Complexes of Nickel Castonguay A., Zargarian* D., Beauchamp* A.L.
17:00 End of Session

INPCC-Port Royal D,E


Organizer(s) - Neil Burford
Chair(s) - Neil Burford

From 17:00 until 19:00

See posters in other divisions with which there are joint symposia

17:00 00601 The Ternary Zr-Pt-Sb System Tkachuk A.V., Mar A.
17:00 00602 Study of Magnetism of Face-Center-Cubic Double Perovskite Compounds Aharen T., Greedan J.E.
17:00 00603 Ternary Rare-Earth Manganese Bismuthides, RE3MnBi5 (RE = La, Pr): Structure and Properties Zelinska O.Ya., Mar A.
17:00 00604 NMR Studies of Solids under Pressure and Uniaxial Stress Werner-Zwanziger U., Shaw J., Zwanziger J.W.
17:00 00605 New Phase Transitions in the LaTaOx Structure Witzke A., Bieringer M.
17:00 00606 Investigation of Novel Phases in the Indium Vanadium Oxide Phase Diagram Lundgren R., Bieringer M.
17:00 00607 Thermal Properties of ZrW2O8 and HfMo2O8 Stancescu M., Kennedy C.A., White M.A.
17:00 00608 Structure Property Correlations in the Stress-Optic Response of Glass Guignard M., Zwanziger J.W., Werner-Zwanziger U., Shaw J.L.
17:00 00609 Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Mesoporous Palladium/Yttria-Stabilized-Zirconia for Gas and Solution Phase Reactions Poulin C., Brown M., Duschesne M., Wesslen Y., Grgicak C., Fagnou K., Giorgi J.
17:00 00610 Characterization of Amorphous Phases Formed during AlPO4-5 Synthesis Longstaffe J.G., Huang Y.
17:00 00611 Investigation of Rare-Earth Containing Oxychlorides Campbell J.K., Bieringer M.
17:00 00612 Synthesis and Application of Late Transition Metal Complexes with Iminophosphinite Ligands Beaton S., Yorke J., Xia A.
17:00 00613 New Metallation Resistant Bulky b-Diketiminato Ligands and their Scandium Complexes Ross J.A., Piers W.E., Parvez M.
17:00 00614 Ligand Design Towards Novel Early Transition Metal Olefin Polymerization Catalysts Yadav K., Stephan D.W.
17:00 00615 Development of New Methods for the Preparation of Aminocalixarenes Hobbs M.G., Roesler R.
17:00 00616 Chiral Oxazolinylamine-Based Ligands for Asymmetric Catalysis Caputo C.A., Carneiro F.D.S., Jennings M.C., Jones N.D.
17:00 00617 Reactivity Study of Late Transition Metal Complexes with Novel 7-Azaindolyl Derivative Ligands Zhao S.B., Wang S.
17:00 00618 Metallic Proton Sponges: Electrospray Active Bipyridyl Ligands Chisholm D., McIndoe J.S.
17:00 00619 Proton Sponge Phosphines: Electrospray-Active Ligands McIndoe J. S., Farrer N.J.
17:00 00620 Highly Active Mono(b-Enaminoketonato) Vanadium(III) Polymerization Catalysts Tang L., Li Y.
17:00 00621 Theoretical Charge Density Studies on Metal Silane Bonding Sirsch P., McGrady G.S.
17:00 00623 Synthesis, Characterization and Bioactivity of S-n-Picolyldithiocarbazate Ligands and some of their Metal Complexes Crouse K.A., M. Tahir M.I., Khoo T.-J.
17:00 00624 Size and Crystal Structure Control of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Macdonald J.E., Boates K.M., Veinot J.G.C.
17:00 00625 Biosensors Using Quantum Dot/Aptamer-Based Complexes Revesz E., Lai E.P.C., DeRosa M.
17:00 00626 Direct Nitric Oxide Detection: Utilizing ZnO Nanocrystals towards the Development of a Spatial-Temporal Sensor for Nitric Oxide Spina C.J., Bohle D.S.
17:00 00627 Gold Nanoclusters Dispersed in a Nematic Liquid Crystal: Studying Optically Activity and Long-Range Ordering Qi H., Hegmann T.
17:00 00628 Ligand-Exchange Reactions of 4-(N,N-Dimethylamino)pyridine on Gold Nanoparticles Rucareanu S., Gandubert V., Lennox R.B.
17:00 00629 Oligo(ethylene glycol)-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles for Nanofluid Applications Corbierre M.K., Nikanpour D.
17:00 00630 Synthesis and Characterization of Surface Functionalized Europium Sulfide Nanocrystals Mirkovic T., Nair S., Hines M., Scholes G.
17:00 00631 Switchable Self-Assembly of Magnetic Nano-Disks Cameron N.S., Geissler M., Roberge H., Veres T.
17:00 00632 Amphiphilic Gold and Palladium Nanoparticles Bari A., Tadayyon S., Norton P.R., Eichhorn S.H
17:00 00633 Stable Ag-Doped Siloxanes for Photolithography of Metallodielectric Structures Qiu L., Rewari A., Saravanamuttu K.
17:00 00634 Tailoring the Emission Properties of Nanocrystalline Silicon Hessel C., Henderson E.J., Wenger D.M., Veinot J.G.C.
17:00 00635 Synthesis and Characterization of Late Transition Metal Complexes Using a Phosphine-Thioxanthene-Borane Ligand Oakley S.R., Emslie D.J.H.

MSPCC-Port Royal D,E


Organizer(s) - Tim Bender
Chair(s) - Tim Bender, Jeffrey Cutler

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 See Materials Chemistry Division Poster List - MTP

MT2DH-Baronet 1,2,3

Energy Storage and Conversion (Joint with PT) (joint with PT6)

Organizer(s) - Josef Zwanziger, Mary Anne White and Jeff Dahn
Chair(s) - Peter Strasser

13:00 00636 New Electrolytes for Li Ion Battery and Studies on SEI Chemistry Xu‡ K., Zhang S., Allen J., Jow R.
13:40 00637 Polymers of Intrinisic Microporosity as Foundations for Lithium Electrolytes Liu J., Werner-Zwanziger U., Zwanziger J.W.
14:00 00638 The Search for Redox Shuttles as a Method of Overcharge Protection in Li-Ion Batteries Moshurchak L.M., Buhrmester C., Dahn J.R.
14:20 00639 Photomechanical Effects in Thin Azobenzene Films Measured by Neutron Reflectometry Yager K.G., Tanchak O.M., Fritzsche H., Barrett C.J.
14:40 00640 The Photomechanical Effect in Thin Films of Azo Polymers Tanchak O.M., Barrett C.J.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00641 Materials Development for Direct Organic Fuel Cells Pickup‡ P.G.
16:00 00642 Study of Fe-S and Co-S Model Thin Film Catalysts for Application in PEM Fuel Cells Susac D., Zhu L., Teo M., Sode A., Wong P.C., Wong K.C., Bizzotto D., Parsons R.R., Mitchell K.A.R., Campbell S.A.
16:20 00643 Electrochemical Synthesis of Fuels from Captured CO2 Using Renewable Energy Co A., Gupta N., Gattrell M.
16:40 00644 Investigation of Formation of a PtZn Alloy and its Use as a Catalyst in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs) Sode A., Li W., Yang Y., Gyenge E., Wong P.C., Mitchell K.A.R., Bizzotto D.
17:00 End of Session

MT4CC-Mariner 2

Inorganic Solid State Chemistry (Joint with IN) (joint with IN1)

Organizer(s) - Mario Bieringer and Arthur Mar
Chair(s) - Zuo-Guang Ye

13:00 Joint with the Inorganic Chemistry Division - See IN1

13:00 Alcan Award Lecture presented by Neil Burford in CC-Port Royal C2

17:00 End of Session


Semiconductor and Metal Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Properties and Applications (Joint with IN) (joint with IN6)

Organizer(s) - Matthew Moffitt and Michael Wolf
Chair(s) - Michael Wolf

13:00 Alcan Award Lecture presented by Neil Burford in CC-Port Royal C2

13:40 Joint with Inorganic Chemistry Division - See IN6

16:20 Keith Laidler Award Lecture presented by Gregory Scholes

17:00 End of Session

MTPCC-Port Royal D,E


Organizer(s) - Jeffrey Cutler
Chair(s) - Jeffrey Cutler, Tim Bender

From 17:00 until 19:00

See posters in other divisions with which there are joint symposia

17:00 00645 Dihydrophilic Block Copolymers Constructed on the (Dextran)-block-Poly(ethylene glycol) Motif Suarez Hernandez O., Winnik F.M.
17:00 00646 Chirality Information Transfer in Polylactides: From Main-Chain Chirality to Lamella Curvature Maillard D., Prud'homme R.E.
17:00 00647 Interactions of Pyrene-Functionalized Linear-Dendritic Polymer Hybrids with Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Bahun G.J., Adronov A.
17:00 00648 Functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Well-Defined Polystyrene and Poly(ethylene glycol) by "Click" Coupling Lawson G., Li H., Adronov A.
17:00 00649 Phase Behaviour of Poly(l-lactic acid) (PLLA) and its Blend with Poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) Zhang X.C., Singfield K.L.
17:00 00650 Birefringent Thin Films of Nanocrystalline Cellulose Cranston E.D., Gray D.G.
17:00 00651 Synthesis and Properties of Radiation Modified Thermally Cured Castor Oil Based Polyurethanes Mortley A., Bonin V.T., Bui H.W.
17:00 00652 Cracking in Polylactide Spherulites Fraschini C., Prud'homme R.E.
17:00 00653 Self Assembly, Luminescence, and Electron Transfer Reactions of Ruthenium Bipyridine-Containing Block Copolymers Metera K.L., Sleiman H.F.
17:00 00654 NMR Studies of Lung Surfactant Protein B Peptides Sarker M., Keough K.M.W., Morrow M.R., Waring A.J., Booth V.
17:00 00655 The Effect of Gold Nanoparticles on the Mesophase Behavior of Thermotropic Amphiphilic Liquid Crystals Wei P., Martinez-Miranda L.J., Hegmann T.
17:00 00656 Lateral Substituted Bolaamphiphiles as Matrices for the Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles Qi H., Lepp A., Martinez-Miranda L.J., Hegmann T.
17:00 00657 A Single Sided Sensor for MRI Profiling with Applications to Material Science and Chemical Engineering Marble A.E., Appathurai N, Mastikhin I.V., Balcom B.
17:00 00658 Organization of Photoinitiators at the Air-Water Interface Schmidt R., Dyer D.J., DeWolf C.E.
17:00 00659 1D and 2D NMR Investigations of the Interaction between Oppositely Charged Polymers and Surfactants McLachlan A.A., Marangoni D.G.
17:00 00660 An NMR Investigation and Conductometric Investigation of Mixed Micelle Formation in Alcohol/Gemini Surfactant Mixed Micelles Landry J.M., Marangoni D.G.
17:00 00661 Towards More Efficient Thermoelectric Materials Ritchie A., Sun R., Jakubinek M., White M.A.
17:00 00662 Comparison of the Reaction of LixSi or LiC6 with 1M LiPF6 EC:DEC Electrolyte at High Temperature Wang Y., Dahn J.R.
17:00 00663 Preparation and Characterization of Mixed Titanium Oxide Sol-Gels Rowe A., Pickup P.G.
17:00 00664 NMR Spectroscopic Characterization of NafionÓ , NafionÓ Composites, and Sulfonated Polyether Ether Ketones (S-PEEK) Ye G., Goward G.R.
17:00 00665 Sol-Derived [Co,N,C,O] Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Sirk A.H.C., Birss V.I., Campbell S.A.
17:00 00666 Singlet Fission for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells: Can a Suitable Sensitizer Be Found? Paci I., Ratner M.A., Nozik A.J., Michl J.
17:00 00667 Layered Sol-Gel Materials: Giving Order to the Amorphous Woods M.E., Vreugdenhil A.J.
17:00 00668 Bifunctional Dendritic Systems for Multipurpose Tasks Hourani R., Kakkar A.K.
17:00 00669 Design Rules for Reversible Thermochromic Materials Tang H., MacLaren D.C., White M.A.
17:00 00670 Membrane Gas Diffusion Measurements with MRI Zhang Z., Ouriadov A., Willson C., Balcom B.
17:00 00671 Design and Synthesis of New Porous Molecular Networks Helzy F., Maris T., Wuest J.D.
17:00 00672 Water Distribution in Weak Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Tanchak O.M., Yager K.G., Fritzsche H., Harroun T., Katsaras J., Barrett C.J.
17:00 00673 Organically-Functionalized Mesoporous Silicate Films as Coatings for Universal Water Quality Sensors Crudden C.M., Loock H.-P., Dickson S., Du J.
17:00 00674 Solution Viscosity of Arborescent Polyelectrolytes Munam A., Gauthier M.
17:00 00675 Patterning of Chemical Gradients with Sub-Micrometer Resolution Using Edge-Spreading Lithography Geissler M., Chalsani P., Cameron N.S., Veres T.
17:00 00676 Chemical and Electrochemical Effects on 316L Stainless Steel Tubing of the High Pressure Still Condenser Al-Darbi M.M., Alfantazi A.
17:00 00677 Commissioning Report on the Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopy Beamline at CLS Kaznatcheev K., Hitchcock A.P, Urquhart S.G., Karunakaran C., Lanke U.
17:00 00678 A National Facility for Soft X-ray Science: The Spherical Grating Monochromator (SGM) Beamline at the Canadian Light Source Regier T., Paulsen J., Tan K.H., Coulthard I., Sham T.K., Blyth R.I.R.

OR2CC-Mariner 5

Heterocycles and Heteroatom-Containing Rings

Organizer(s) - Alison Thompson
Chair(s) - Richard Manderville

13:00 00679 Inverse Electron Demand Diels-Alder (IEDDA) Reactions of Coumarin-Fused 2-Azadienes Kudale A.A., Bodwell* G.J.
13:20 00680 Studies in Catalytic Direct Arylation of Pyridine N-Oxides Campeau L.-C., Fagnou K.
13:40 00681 Application of the Rhodium-Catalyzed Methylenation Reaction: Total Synthesis of Desoxygaliellalactone Parmentier M., Lebel H.
14:00 00682 Quest for Diatomic Selenium Rys A.Z., Schultz E.K.V., Harpp D.N.
14:20 00683 Reduction of Substituted Phenanthrolines as a Route to Chiral Benzimidazolylidenes Metallinos C., Barrett F.B., Wang Y., Zaifman J.
14:40 00684 Recent Advances in the Stereoselective Synthesis of Dipyrromethene Complexes Thompson A., Al-Sheikh-Ali A., Beshara C.S., Wood T.E.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00685 Biosynthesis of Pyrrolic Natural Products Leeper‡ F.J.
16:00 00686 The Total Synthesis of Phyllantidine Carson C.A., Kerr M.A.
16:20 00687 Transmembrane Ion Transporters Based on Heterocycles Davis‡ J.T., Seganish J., Kaucher M.
17:00 End of Session

OR3CC-Mariner 4

Innovative Chemistry in Novel Media

Organizer(s) - Robert Singer
Chair(s) - Robert Singer

13:00 00688 Switchable Solvents and Surfactants Jessop‡ P.G., Eckert C.A., Liotta C.L.
13:40 00689 Applications of Phosphonium Salt Ionic Liquids in Organic Synthesis McNulty‡ J., Larichev V., Nair J.
14:00 00690 Solid-State Synthesis of Imides via Mechanochemistry Cheney M.L., Zaworotko M.J.
14:20 00691 In-Situ Preparation of Catalytic Palladium Nanoparticle/Silica Composites in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Kerton F.M., Saffarzadeh-Matin S., Rayner C.M., Lynam J.M.
14:40 Coffee Break
15:20 00692 Quasi-Nature Organic Chemistry: Developing Metal-Mediated and Catalyzed Reactions in Air and Water Li‡ C.-J.
16:00 00693 Efficient Trost's c- Addition Catalyzed By Reusable Polymer-Supported Triphenylphosphine in Aqueous Media Skouta R., Varma R.S., Li C.-.J.
16:20 00694 Switch-Hitting Behaviour for Grignard Reagents in Molecular and Ionic Solvents Walsby C.J., Taylor S.A., Ramnial T., Clyburne J.A.C.
16:40 End of Session

OR6CC-Highland 8

NMR of Biological Molecules (Joint with BM and PT)

Organizer(s) - David Jakeman
Chair(s) - David Jakeman

13:00 Joint with Biological and Medicinal Chemistry and Physical Chemistry Divisions - See BM8

16:40 End of Session

OR10CC-Port Royal C1

Recent Advances in Organic Synthesis

Organizer(s) - Jean Burnell and Ian Pottie
Chair(s) - Brian Keay

13:00 00695 A Pauson-Khand Annulation, Ring-Expansion Approach to the [9.5.5] Carbocyclic Skeleton of Aquariolide A Thornton P.D., Burnell D.J.
13:20 00696 A Quadruple Diene-Transmissive Diels-Alder Cycloaddition Approach to Quassinoids Perreault S., Spino* C.
13:40 00697 Cobalt-Mediated [5+2] Cycloaddition Reactions: A New Reactivity Pattern for Seven-Membered Ring Synthesis Stryker J.M., Witherell R., Ylijoki K., Kirk A.D.
14:00 00698 Catalytic Electromediated Transformations of Cation and Anion Radicals Little‡ R.D., Park Y.S., Graham J.
14:40 00699 5,5-Dicyanocyclopentadiene as a Precursor to Synthons for Tandem Anionic Reaction Sequences to Polycyclic Natural Products: DIscovery of a Very Facile Allenolate Cope Reaction Krismanich A., Dmitrienko G.I.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00700 Regioselective Synthesis of Vinyl Sulfides Using Rhodium-Catalyzed Alkyne Hydrothiolation Love J.A.
15:40 00701 A Stereochemically Versatile Route to Hexapropionates Ward‡ D.E.
16:20 00702 The Pseudo-Nazarov Reaction: gem-Dihalocyclopropanes as Novel Substrates for the Nazarov Cyclization Grant T.N., West F.G.
16:40 00703 Catalytic Enantioselective Reduction of b,b-Disubstituted Nitroalkenes Using a Bisphosphine Monoxide Desrosiers J.-N., Charette A.B.
17:00 End of Session

ORPCC-Port Royal D,E


Organizer(s) - Bruce Grindley
Chair(s) - Bruce Grindley

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00704 Towards the Synthesis of Lysergic Acid via a Directed ortho Metalation (DoM) Strategy Zhao Y., Snieckus V., Larkin A.
17:00 00705 Progress Towards a Total Synthesis of Longithorone C Zakarian J., El-Azizi Y., Collins S.K.
17:00 00706 Tetraarylphosphonium Salt: Supported TEMPO Catalyst and (Diacetoxyiodo)benzene Reagent Roy M.-N., Charette A.B.
17:00 00707 Synthesis of Crown Ethers by Simultaneous Double Directed Benzylic Lithiation of a Biphenyl Substituted with Tertiary Amide Groups Reed J.N., Mora-Diez N., Key J., Mahboob A.
17:00 00708 Synthetic Efforts Towards the Synthesis of 3,3'-Disubstituted MeO-BIPHEP Derivatives Incorporating the "3,5-Dialkyl Meta Effect" Rankic D.A., Keay B.A.
17:00 00709 Towards the Total Syntheses of Majusculoic Acid and (-)-Perhydrohistrionicotoxin Philippe J., Charette A.B.
17:00 00710 Catalytic Enantioselective Aldol Reaction as a Tool for Natural Products Synthesis Niewczas I.S., Palyam N., Majewski M.
17:00 00711 The First Highly Efficient and "Multi-Component" Synthesis of b-Lactams from N-Substituted Hydroxylamine, Aldehydes, and Alkyne Zhao L., Li C.-J.
17:00 00712 Diels-Alder Reactions of Boron Containing Aromatic Compounds Wood T.K., Piers W.E.
17:00 00713 Design, Synthesis and Development of Prodigiosin Analogues for Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Regourd J., Thompson A.
17:00 00714 Syntheses of Sydnone Derivatives via NO Reactions Perepichka I., Bohle D.S., McQuade L.
17:00 00715 Synthesis of Propargyl Amines via Asymmetric Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling (CDC) Reactions MacLeod P.D., Li Z., Li C.-J.
17:00 00716 Synthesis of 4-Amino-2,2'-bipyrroles as Building Blocks to Prepare Analogs of Natural Products Jolicoeur B., Lubell W.D.
17:00 00717 A Novel Approach to Xanthones Using an Inverse Electron Demand Diels-Alder (IEDDA) Driven Domino Reaction Dang A.T., Bodwell G.J.
17:00 00718 Attempts at Complexation Between Dipyrrinones and Boron Trifluoride in an Effort to Mimic BODIPY-Type Structures Chapman E., Thompson A.
17:00 00719 General Synthetic Route to Chiral Lactams: A New Approach Buranov A.U.
17:00 00720 Synthesis of N-Containing Heterocycles by Enantioselective Catalytic Addition of Diorganozinc Reagents on Imines Bonnaventure I., Charette A.B.
17:00 00721 Increased Dioxathiazinane Reactivity by Solvation Stabilization of a Twisted Boat Conformation Blankenship J.W., Galaud F., Lubell W.D.
17:00 00722 Dipyrromethenes Containing a Stereocenter: Does Simple Diastereoselectivity Occur upon Complexation with a Metal (II) Ion? Beshara C.S., Thompson A.
17:00 00723 Prins Cyclization under Mild Conditions: Formation of Cyclic Ethers from Unsaturated alpha-Haloether Arpin P., Spino C., Hill B.
17:00 00724 Highly Diastereoselective Templated Complexation of Dipyrromethenes Al-Sheikh Ali A., Thompson A.
17:00 00725 Delineating Binding and Linker Residues in Extended CRIB Polypeptides for High-Affinity Interactions with Cdc42 by use of NMR Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Binding Studies Mayele M., Su Z.D., Osborne M.J., Xu X., Xu P., Ni F.
17:00 00726 Isolation and Structural Characterization of Polysaccharides from the Green Microalgae Chlorella Pyreinoidosa. Effect of Molecular Weight on Immunostimulatory Effects Reyes Suárez E., Kralovec J.A., Barrow C.A., Ewart H.S., Syvitski R., Lumsden M.D., Grossert J.S., Volmer D.A., Grindley T.B.
17:00 00727 Advances in the Synthesis and Applications of N-Alkenyl Aziridines Yu L., Blyumin E., Yudin A.K.
17:00 00728 Progress Toward the Synthesis of Traversianal Song D., West F.G.
17:00 00729 New Tandem Ruthenium-Catalyzed Olefin Metathesis/Oxidation Reactions Scholte A.A., Snapper M.L.
17:00 00730 An Investigation on the Formation and Reactivity of Borodicyclohexyl Methylenenitronate with Various Aldehydes Carneiro K.M.M., MacDonald F.K., Pottie I.R.
17:00 00731 Organocatalytic Asymmetric Michael Addition of Cyclic Ketones to Nitro-Olefins Pansare S.V., Pandya K.
17:00 00732 Stille Coupling of Stereochemically Defined a-Alkoxybenzylstannanes Nguyen M.T., Chong J.M.
17:00 00733 The Application of Manganese (III) Acetate Oxidative Radical Cyclizations to the Synthesis of Indole and Pyrrole Containing Natural Products Magolan J., Kerr M.A.
17:00 00734 Palladium Catalysed Cross Coupling Reactions of Diazine N-Oxides Leclerc J.-P., Fagnou K.
17:00 00735 A Diels-Alder Approach towards the Clausamines Lebold T.P., Kerr M.A.
17:00 00736 Direct Arylation in the Synthesis of (R)-Nuciferine and its Analogues Lafrance M., Blaquiere N., Fagnou K.
17:00 00737 An Iterative Approach to the Total Synthesis of Ionomycin Joly M.-A., Allan M., Gund V., Spino* C.
17:00 00738 Reversal of Product Absolute Configuration and Applications Using 3,3'-Disubstituted BINAP Ligands Hopkins J.M., Keay B.A.
17:00 00739 The Use of Fluorous Chiral Supports in the Oxidative Coupling of a-Amino Acids to Stereoselectively Generate Quaternary Carbon Centres Geary L.M., Hultin P.G.
17:00 00740 Progress Towards the Total Synthesis of (-)-Aspidofractinine Gagnon D., Spino C.
17:00 00741 Syntheses and Applications of Stannyl Butadienes Darwish A., Chong J.M.
17:00 00742 Nitrile-Mediated Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange and the Synthesis of Specifically Labelled b- and c-Amino Acids Cook M.C., White R.L.
17:00 00743 Stereoselective Approaches to Spiroketal Scaffolds and Norstatine-Type Peptide Isosteres Pansare S.V., Adsool V.A., Dhudshia B.
17:00 00744 The Comparison Between the Oxidation of Organic Compounds in Convenient and Microwave Conditions by Tetramethylammonium Fluorochromate (TMAFC) Mohammadi M.K., Jangjoo A.
17:00 00745 Synthesis of 2-Amino-2-chromenes in Aqueous Media by Na/PN Mezdar A., El makssoudi A., Zahouily M., Rayadh A., Sebti S.
17:00 00746 On Using Tree Analysis to Quantify the Material, Input Energy, and Raw Material Cost Throughput Efficiencies of Simple and Complex Synthesis Plans and Networks Andraos J.
17:00 00747 Diastereoselective Arylithium Addition to an a-Trifluoromethyl Imine. Practical Synthesis of a Potent Cathepsin K Inhibitor Roy A., Gosselin F., O'Shea P.D., Chen C.-Y.

PT1CC-Highland 10

Ab initio Methods: Orbital and Plane Wave Methods

Organizer(s) - Russell Boyd and Josef Zwanziger
Chair(s) - Russell Boyd

13:00 00748 Post-Hartree-Fock Density-Functional Correlation Models Becke‡ A.D., Johnson E.R.
13:40 00749 Van der Waals Interactions from the Exchange Hole Dipole Moment Johnson E.R., Becke A.D.
14:00 00750 Tetramers of Formic Acid Thakkar‡ A.J., Karpfen A.
14:20 00751 Cooperativity and Proton Transfer in Hydrogen-Bonded Triads Mó‡ O., Yáñez M., del Bene J., Alkorta I., Elguero J.
14:40 00752 Chemical Enhancement in Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Wong‡ M.W.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00753 Characterizing the Importance of DNA Nucleobase Interactions in DNA Repair Wetmore‡ S.D., Hunter K.C.
15:40 00754 Radiation Induced DNA Damage: Recent Results from Computational Modelling Zhang R.B., Eriksson‡ L.A.
16:00 00755 A Computational Investigation on the Catalytic Mechanism of the Hepatitis Delta Virus Ribozyme Gauld‡ J.W., Liu H., Robinet J., Ananvoranich S.
16:20 00756 Theoretical Study of a Biochemical Reaction Pathway: Searching for an Optimum DFT Approach Wright‡ J.S., Chepelev L.
16:40 End of Session


Atmospheric Chemistry: A Canadian Perspective (Joint with EN) (joint with EN2)

Organizer(s) - John Roscoe
Chair(s) - James Donaldson, Richard Bowles, John Roscoe

13:20 Joint with the Environment Division - See EN2

17:00 End of Session

PT3CC-Highland 7

Biophysical Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Gonzalo Cosa and Paul Wiseman
Chair(s) - Gonzalo Cosa

13:20 00757 Deconstructing the Cell-Biomaterial Interface: Lessons and Challenges in Vascular Tissue Engineering and Targeted Delivery Wong‡ J.Y.
14:00 00758 Fluorescent Labelling of Specific Proteins in Living Cells Keillor‡ J.W., Campos-Reales N.B., Guy J., Girouard S., Michnick S.W.
14:40 00759 Quantifying Protein Expression Levels in an Unregulated System McMillen D.R., Mazumder M., Movva A., Lim L.H.
15:00 Coffee Break
Chair(s) - Jeffrey Keillor

15:40 00760 Biomolecular Recognition Dynamics O'Neill‡ M.A.
16:20 00761 Development of New Fluorescent Strategies to Study Supramolecular Interactions in Lipid Membranes Cosa G.
16:40 00762 Configurational Transitions Induced by Mechanical External Stretching of Polymer Chains Arteca G.A.
17:00 End of Session

PT5CC-Highland 11

Electrochemistry at the Edge (Joint with AN) (joint with AN5)

Organizer(s) - Sharon Roscoe and Vlad Zamlynny
Chair(s) - Jacek Lipkowski, David Shoesmith

13:00 Joint with Analytical Chemistry Division - See AN5

17:00 End of Session

PT6DH-Baronet 1,2,3

Energy Storage and Conversion (Joint with MT) (joint with MT2)

Organizer(s) - Josef Zwanziger, Mary Anne White and Jeff Dahn
Chair(s) - Peter Strasser

13:00 Joint with Materials Chemistry Division - See MT2

17:00 End of Session

PT9CC-Highland 8

NMR of Biological Molecules (Joint with BM and OR) (joint with BM8)

Organizer(s) - David Jakeman
Chair(s) - David Jakeman

13:00 Joint with Biological and Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Divisions - See BM8

16:40 End of Session

PTPCC-Port Royal D,E


Organizer(s) - Josef Zwanziger
Chair(s) - Josef Zwanziger

From 17:00 until 19:00

See posters in other divisions with which there are joint symposia

17:00 00763 Relativistic Calculations on AgH and AuH in Cylindrical Harmonic Confinement Lo J., Klobukowski M.
17:00 00764 A Density Functional Theory Study of the Mechanisms of Pyrrole Formation in the Knorr and Paal-Knorr Pyrrole Syntheses Mothana B., Boyd R.J.
17:00 00765 An Evaluation of Effective Core Potentials and Basis Sets for the Prediction of the Geometries of Alkyltin Halides Whittleton S.R., Boyd R.J., Grindley T.B.
17:00 00766 Ab Initio Studies of Heavy Metal Oxides Albrecht L., Zwanziger J.W.
17:00 00767 A Density Functional Study on the Complexes of Amino Acids with Silver and Gold Clusters Pakiari A.H., Jamshidi Z.
17:00 00768 Development of STO-NG Basis Sets for Z>54 Pye C.C., Mercer C.J.
17:00 00769 Raman and ab initio Study of Beryllium Hydration in Aqueous Solution Pye C.C., Rudolph W.W.
17:00 00770 Cadmium Hydration: Hexacoordinate, Heptacoordinate, or Both? Pye C.C., Rudolph W.W., Tomney M.R.
17:00 00771 Raman and ab initio Study of Oxalate Hydration in Aqueous Solution Pye C.C., Rudolph W.W.
17:00 00772 Raman and ab Initio Study of the Hydration of Carbonate and Hydrogen Carbonate in Aqueous Solution Pye C.C., Rudolph W.W., Little V.R., Tian Y., Fan C.
17:00 00773 Solvated Electrons: An Atoms in Molecules Theory Investigation Taylor A., Matta C.F., Boyd R.J.
17:00 00774 Modeling the Reduction of Hydrogen Peroxide by Glutathione Peroxidase Mimics Pearson J.K., Boyd R.J.
17:00 00775 An Atomic Basis for the Barrier to Rotation Around the Carbon-Carbon Single Bond in 1-Fluoro-2-[(Z)-2-fluorovinyl]benzene Castillo N., Matta C.F., Grabowski S., Boyd R.J.
17:00 00776 Excess Electron Binding by the Acetonitrile Dimer: A Theoretical Study Timerghazin Q.K., Peslherbe G.H.
17:00 00777 Parameterization and Assessment of Pseudoatomic Orbitals for Tight-Binding Density Functional Theory Calculations Mosey N.J., Gerbasi D., Woo T.K.
17:00 00778 Unimolecular Decomposition Pathways of Hydrohaloethers: A Density Functional Theory Study Martell J.M.
17:00 00779 Modelling the Reaction Mechanisms for Redox Regulation of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B (PTP1B) Activity Liu N., Boyd R.J.
17:00 00780 Radiationless Decay of Higher Excited Electronic States of Metalloporphyrins: Violation of the Energy Gap Law Liu X., Velate S., Steer R.P.
17:00 00781 A Comparative Study on the Binding of Divalent Metal Ions to Calcium-Free Peroxidase Nazari K., Kelay V., Mahmoudi A., Moosavi-Movahedi A.A.
17:00 00782 Low-Temperature Rotating Sample Accessory for FT-Raman Spectroscopy Schmidt K.J., Michaelian K.H., Shaw J.M.
17:00 00783 Kinetic Modeling and Morphological Characterization of an Aerosol from Ethane Aleman Milan G., Pacey P.D.
17:00 00784 Fluorescence and Host Properties of Methoxy Nanoballs Boland P.G., Wagner B.D.
17:00 00785 Computational Investigation of the Catalytic Mechanism of LpxC Robinet J., Gauld J.W.
17:00 00786 Excess Molar Volumes and Spectroscopic Studies for the Binary Mixtures of Alkoxyethanols with Amides/Amines at 298.15K Bhardwaj R.K., Pal A.
17:00 00787 Electrodilatometry and its Relation to other Nonlinear Techniques Rappon M.
17:00 00788 Inner Shell Excitation Spectroscopy of Small Alkynes Yang L., Neville J.J., Perumal A.M., Regier T., Coulthard I.
17:00 00789 Core Excitation Spectroscopy and Photo-Fragmentation Dynamics of N-Heterocycles Odoh S.O., Neville J.J.
17:00 00790 Oscillatory Behavior in the Resorcinol - Bromate Reaction Harati M., Wang J.
17:00 00791 Ultrafast Dynamics of Zinc Tetraphenylporphyin Investigated by Fluorescence Upconversion Velate S., Steer R.P.
17:00 00792 Orientations of the Principal Axes of the Phenyl Radical's Spin Hamiltonian Tensors: Their Role in the Radical's Magnetic Inequivalency Mattar S.M.
17:00 00793 Effect of the g Tensor Anisotropy on the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Intensities of Partially Oriented Bis(biuretato)cuprate(II) Dianions Adsorbed on Cellulose in a TE01d Dielectric Resonator Mattar S.M.
17:00 00794 The Roles of Restricted Rotations, Geometry and the Solvent in Accurately Computing the 2,2-Diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl g Tensors Mattar S.M., Sanford J.
17:00 00795 Dissociation Dynamics of Core Excited CO2 Fan Y., Neville J.J.
17:00 00796 One-Photon and Two-Photon Spectra of 1,2-Dibromoethylene Shi W., Dimov S., Hu X.K., Lipson R.H.
17:00 00797 Cucurbit[7]uril Complexation Induced Fluorescence Switches of Aromatic Amines: Inhibition of the Excited-State Proton Transfer Macartney D.H., Wang R., Yuan L.
17:00 00798 Diagnostics of the Decomposition of Silacyclobutane on a Hot Filament by in-situ Vacuum Ultraviolet Laser Single Photon Ionization Shi Y.J., Lo B., Li X., Eustergerling B.D., Tong L.
17:00 00799 Gas-Phase Chemistry in the Hot-Wire Decomposition of Silane and Ammonia Eustergerling B.D., Li X., Shi Y.J.
17:00 00800 Excited-State Dynamics and Photoinduced Electron-Transfer Processes of Dendritic Ruthenium Complexes and Dendrimers with a tris-Methyl Viologen Core Myron B.D., Thompson D.W., El-Boubbou K., Ghaddar T.
17:00 00801 Breaking Single-Crystal and Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Paci J.T., Belytschko T., Schatz G.C.
17:00 00802 Standard Partial Molar Volumes of Aqueous Cyclic Amines at Temperatures up to 350¸C Bulemela E., Tremaine P.
17:00 00803 Substituent Effects on Dynamics at Conical Intersections: a,b-Enones Lee A.M.D, Ullrich S., Ho M.-L., Lee S.-J., Cheng B.-M., Shaffer J.P., Zgierski M.Z., Chen I.-C., Stolow A.
17:00 00804 Intramolecular Excited State Dynamics in Bichromophoric Coumarin-Naphthol Molecular Assemblies Kendall J., Inder P., Edwards M., Giddings S., Myron B.D., Merschrod S. E.F., Bodwell G.J., Thompson D.W.
17:00 00805 High Resolution Visible Laser Spectroscopy of Strontium Monomethoxide Adam A.G., Hopkins W.S., Linton C., Read A.G., Tokaryk D.W.
17:00 00806 Investigating Hydrocarbon Reactivity with Oxidized Si (111) Mischki T.K., Donkers R.L., Eves B.J., Lopinski G.P., Wayner D.D.M.
17:00 00807 High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy of Rhodium Monophosphide Adam A.G., Slaney M.E., Downie L.E., Li R., Balfour W.J.
17:00 00808 The Interference of Anions with ESIPT in 2,5-Bis-(1H-benzoimidazol-2-yl)-benzene-1,4-diol. El-Dali A.A., Li H., Thompson D.W.
17:00 00809 X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Modified Polymer Substrates Goel V., Oleschuk R.D., Horton J.H.
17:00 00810 UV-A Photochemistry of the Pesticide Azinphos-Methyl Yeasmin L., Wagner B.D.

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